UM Publications (澳大出版品)
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UMB2001 Basic problems of modern international law Shaw, K. E. University of East Asia 1982 105 p.
UMB2048 Butterflies in Macau = 澳門蝴蝶 Easton, Emmett R. and Pun, Wing Wah Publications Center 1999 36 p.
UMB0098 CAD/Graphics Technology and Its Applications : Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on CAD/Graphics Wu, Enhua and Sun, Hanqiu ...etc. University of Macau and Macao University of Science and Technology ...etc. 2003 444 p.
UMB0002 CHINADB : The database of the China Economic Research Centre China Economic Research Centre Graduate College, University of East Asia 1988 139 p.
UMB8061 Career guidance handbook = 就業指導手冊 澳門大學 澳門大學 2011 1 v.
UMB2051 China's ownership reform and its influence on economic development Liu, Bolong and Tsao, Jih Hsin ...etc. Publications Centre 2000 189 p.
UMB2049 Chinese Immigration and Emigration : a population study of Macau Yuan, D.Y. Publications Centre 2000 125 p.
UMB2005 Chinese-American population Yuan, D.Y. University of East Asia 1988 139 p.
UMB2013 Codigo de processo civil anotado : texto vigente em Macau Pires, Candida da Silva Antunes and Feio, Amilcar Batista Universidade de Macau, Faculdade de Direito and Fundacao Macau 1996 225 p.
UMB0079 Codigo de processo civil de Macau = 澳門民事訴訟法典 Pires, Candida da Silva Antunes and Lima, Viriato Manuel Pinheiro de Faculdade de Direito 2008 536 p.
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