UM Publications (澳大出版品)
Call Number Title Author/ Editor▲ Publisher Year Vol./
UMB2113 Macau : history and society Hao, Zhidong University of Macau, Hong Kong University Press 2011 294 p,
UMB8003 The implications of organizational structure on organization learning Hong, Jacky FBA 1998 30 p.
UMB8052 Principals' effective leadership 〔electronic resource〕 Hui, Philip K. F. and Ng, Shun Wing ...etc. Faculty of Education 2003 3 CDs
UMB0050 兒童英漢葡圖解詞典 = Children's trilingual picture dictionary (English-Chinese-Portuguese) = Dicionario trilingue ilustrado para criancas (Ingles-Chines-Portugues) Ieong, Sylvia Sao Leng and Maia, Joao Sampaio 出版中心 2000 88 p.
UMB2058 "One Country, Two Systems" and the Macao SAR Ieong, Wan Chong and Ieong, Sao Leng ...etc. Centre for Macau Studies 2004 437 p.
UMB2017 Macau : a model of mini-economy Ieong, Wan Chong and Siu, Chi Sen Publications Centre 1997 160 p.
UMB2080 Law, regulation and control issues of the asian gaming industry : proceedings of the First Conference of the Asian Academic Network on Commercial Gaming Industry Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming and University of Macau University of Macau, Industry Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming 2006 264 p.
UMB2121 Instituto Politecnico de Macau Instituto Politecnico de Macau. Comissao para Ensino e Investigacao da Lingua Portuguesa Macau : Instituto Politecnico de Macau, 2010 2010 178 p.
UMB2112 Studies on Macau civil, commercial constitutional and criminal law Jorge, A. F. Godinho University of Macau 2010 288 p.
UMB2043 As fontes do direito em Macau Kachi, Antonio 法學院 2006 580 p.
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