UM Publications (澳大出版品)
Call Number Title Author/ Editor Publisher Year Vol./
UMR0003 Application of GIS to Assessment of Coastal Water Environment of Macau Wang Zhishi 第一屆粵澳科技合作研討會論文集 1998 p.59
UMR0004 Chemical Interaction between water, suspended particles and sediment - a case study of Macau Wang Zhishi, Chan Iat Neng 第一屆粵澳科技合作研討會論文集 1998 p.69
UMR0001 Finite element analysis of laminated composite axisymmetric shells Jose Simoes Moita International Conference on Education, Practice and Promotion of Computational Methods in Engineering Using Small Computers 1990 v.3 p.623
UMR0006 Influence of web culture on Macau youth Vong Chi Man, Wong Pak Kin etc.. 5th International symposium on Asian youth studies 2002 -
UMR0002 O futuro da lingua e da cultura portuguesa em damao Athos Fernandes VIII Encontro da Associacao das Universidades de Lingua Portuguesa: AULP 1998 p.149
UMR0010 Rural industrialization in China : a theoretical exposition Kwan, F and Kwong, Charles The Third Biennial Conference of the Chinese Studies Association of Australia 1993 1 v.
UMR0005 The perception and readiness of primary and secondary teachers in teaching new technology to youth in Macau Sit Pou Seong, Chan Kan Kan etc.. 5th International symposium on Asian youth studies 2002 -
UMR0007 大學圖書館及文化藝術推動工作 潘華棟 兩岸四地圖書館館長高峰論壇論文集 2011 p.46
UMR0009 澳門高校圖書館參考諮詢服務探討 許偉達 兩岸四地圖書館館長高峰論壇論文集 2011 p.92
UMR0008 澳門公共圖書館發展回顧與展望 楊開荊 兩岸四地圖書館館長高峰論壇論文集 2011 p.83