International Organization Publications (國際組織出版品)
Title▼ Author Organization Year
Choosing the currency structure for sovereign debt : a review of current approaches / Melecky, Martin World Bank 2007
China and the knowledge economy : challenges and Opportunities / Zeng, Zhihua Douglas World Bank 2007
Chicken meat : carcases and parts. United Nations 2007
Changing farm types and irrigation as an adaptation to climate change in Latin American agriculture / Mendelsohn, Robert;Seo, Niggol World Bank 2007
Causes of high food prices / Timmer C. Peter Asian Development Bank 2008
Causes and circumstanes of accidents at work / European Union 2008
Capital market development : whither Latin America? / Torre, Augusto de la;Gozzi, Juan Carlos;Schmukler, Sergio L. World Bank 2007
Capital flows and real exchange rates in emerging Asian countries / Jongwanich, Juthathip Asian Development Bank 2010
Capital flight and war / Davies, Victor A. B. World Bank 2007
Can foreign lobbying enhance development? : the case of tourism in the caribbean / Gawande, Kishore;Maloney, William;Rojas, Gabriel V. Montes World Bank 2007
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