International Organization Publications (國際組織出版品)
Title Author▲ Organization Year
The impact of remittances on poverty and human capital : evidence from Latin American household surveys / Acosta, Pablo;Fajnzylber, Pablo ;Lopez, J. Humberto World Bank 2007
What is the impact of international remittances on poverty and inequeality in Latin Amercia? / Acosta,Pablo World Bank 2007
Are all labor regulations equal? : assessing the effects of job security, labor dispute, and contract labor laws in India / Ahmad Ahsan;Carmen Pages World Bank 2007
Surfing the waves of globalization : Asia and financial globalization in the context of the Trilemma / Aizenman Joshua;Chinn, Menzie D.;Ito, Hiro Asian Development Bank 2009
The role of services in rural income : the case of Vietnam/ Aksoy, M. Ataman, 1945-;Isik-Dikmelik, Aylin World Bank 2007
The global economic crisis and trade and growth prospects in East Asia / Akyuz,Yılmaz Asian Development Bank 2011
Jump-starting self-employment?: evidence among welfare participants in Argentina / Almeida, Rita;Galasso, Emanuela World Bank 2007
Institutional effects as determinants of learning outcomes : exploring State Variations in Mexico / Alvarez, Jesus;Moreno, Vicente Garcia World Bank 2007
Who are the middle class and what values do they hold?: evidence from the world values survey / Amoranto, Glenita;Natalie Chun;Deolalikar, Anil Asian Development Bank 2010
Does services liberalization benefit manufacturing firms? : evidence from the Czech Republic/ Arnold, Jens ;Javorcik, Beata S.;Matto, Aaditya World Bank 2007
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