Occasional Papers Collection (學術報告)
Title Series Title Author Publisher No Year▲ Call No
Majales: The Abortive Student Revolt in Czechoslovakia in 1956 Working Papers Matthews, Jonn P.C. Woodrow Wilson Center no.24 1956 OP-016-01-024
Education and Economic Development Institute of commonwealth Studies Myint, H. Oxford university no.33 1960 OP-034-01-033
Paramountcy to Partnership:J.H. Oldham and Africa Institute of commonwealth Studies Bennett, George Oxford university no.28 1960 OP-034-01-028
Metaphor, Myth, Ritual and the People's Commune Studies in Chinese Communist Terminology Hsia, T. A. University of California no.7 1961 OP-018-01-007
Fertiliser Application in Communist China Committee on The Economy of China Liu, Jung-Chao Social Science Research Council Berkeley, California no.7 1966 OP-032-01-07
Two Studies in Chinese Literature Michigan Papers in Chinese Studies Li, Chi, Johnson, Dale The University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies no.3 1968 OP-056-01-03
Factors to Determine Relative Shares: The Case of India I.D.E.Occasional Papers Series Katano, Hikoji Institute of developing economies no.5 1969 OP-043-01-05
The Amerasia Papers: Some Problems in the History of US-China Relations AmeraSia Papers Series Service, John S. University of California no.7 1971 OP-018-02-07
Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws and the Mathematical Theory of Shock Waves Regional Conference Series Lax, Peter D. Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences New York University no.11 1973 OP-050-01-011
Wandering in Western Culture Professor of Cultural History of Western Europe Du Ry, C.J. University of Cape Town no.39 1976 OP-033-01-039
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