Occasional Papers Collection (學術報告)
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Worker Participation and Firm Performance: Evidence from Germany and Britain Centre for Asian Pacific Studies / Working Papers Series = 亞洲太平洋研究中心研究報告系列 Addison, John T. Hong Kong Lingnan University = 香港嶺南大學 no.74 1998 OP-007-02-074
o quadrante náutico centro de estudos de história e cartografia antiga A.estácio dos reis instituto de investigação científica tropical lisboa.1988 no.200 1988 OP-030-01-200
Perceptions of Managers in Kuwait with Regard to the Role of Multinational Corporations in Changing That Country BRC Papers on Cross-Cultural Management = 跨文化管理研究報告 Al-Daeaj , Hamad S., Ebrahimi, Bahman P., Thibodeaux, Mary S. , Nasif, Ercan G. Hong Kong Baptist College = 香港浸會學院 no.CCMP96003 1996 OP-002-02-96003
Transference of Marketing Activities and Strategies to Foreign Markets Chinese Management Centre = 華人管理中心 Albaum, Gerald, Tse, K. David The University of Hong Kong=香港大學 no. 8 1998 OP-020-03-9800801
Oil Exporters' Economic Development in an Interdependent World Amuzegar, Jahangir International Monetary Fund Washington D.C. no.18 1983 OP-057-01-18
Are the WTO Guildelines on Breastfeeding Appropriate for India? National Family Health Survey Subject Reports Anandaiah, Ravilla, Choe, Minja Kim East-West Center no.16 2000 OP-001-04-016
The Limits of Sino-Russian Strategic Partnership International Institute for Strategic Studies Anderson, Jennifer Oxford university no.315 1997 OP-034-02-315
The Role on ASEAN in the Uruguay Round Opportunities and Constraints Occassional Papers Ariff, Mohamed International Center for Economic Growth no.37 1993 OP-003-01-037
Perceived Organizational Support among Employed Parents: The Role of Family-Supportive Work Environment BRC Papers on Human Resource Studies = 人力資源學 Aryee, Samuel, Tan, Hwee Hoon, Debrah, Yaw A. Hong Kong Baptist University = 香港浸會大學 no.HRSWP 200404 2004 OP-002-06-200404
The Impact of the Debt Crisis on International Banking Management BRC Working Papers = 研究報告 Asheghian, Parviz, Ebrahimi, Bahman P. Hong Kong Baptist University = 香港浸會大學 no.WP96007 1996 OP-002-05-96007
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