American Movie Archives (美國電影檔案)
Title: 957th Day, The
Abstract: Shows the Pacific Fifth Fleet engaged in combat action on the 957th day of WWII
Notes: Produced: U.S. Office Of War Information Run Time: 00:09:41 Audio/Visual: sound, b&w
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Review: Quite stirring documentary about a typical day in World War II. In this case, the '957th' day (although, really, the footage could have happened on the 541st, and we really wouldn't have noticed). Some FANTASTIC battle footage is shown here, as the take-over of an island is documented. Using large guns, cannons and other artillery. It's not really propaganda as it is not afraid to show some rather graphic casualties on the US side. Nicely done, and is reccomended.
Location: A/V room, 2/F