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Title: 409 Bathroom Cleaner Commercial
Abstract: Commercial for 409 Bathroom Cleaner
Notes: Produced: Run Time: 0:01:00 Audio/Visual: sound, color
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Review: This Formula 409 commercial starts off with a man proudly showing off his mirror in his steaming bathroom while he's shaving, which doesn't steam up. Now hold on a sec, this man has gotten out of the shower, put on a bathrobe put shaving cream on and the bathroom is STILL steaming like a engine? Hmmm ok. The man says he owes it all to the formula 409 cleaner his wife uses. A GREAT shot of a woman putting brand a on a mirror and 409 on as well. Then she um, breathes heavily into the mirror to demonstrate 409's effectiveness. Wow.
Location: A/V room, 2/F