American Movie Archives (美國電影檔案)
Title: 1955 Chevrolet Screen Ads
Abstract: Ten short theatrical "screen ads" promoting the 1955 Chevrolet models.
Notes: Produced: Handy (Jam) Organization Run Time: 8:44 Audio/Visual: Sd, C
Keyword: Automobiles: Advertising;Advertising: Screen ads;Advertising: Screen ads
Review: Putting a V-8 in a Chevy was a very big deal, and Jam Handy knew it. One of the spots ends with "More than a new car, a new concept in low-cost motoring." Popular as the tri-year Chevys are, it's rare to see them as crisp as they appear here. Very well photographed in color, it shows the same 4-5 cars over and over. In addition to the iconic Bel-Air convertible, there are lots of shots of the more modest trim lines and 4-door models, which are today seen less often than the showier cars. BTW, don't miss the title cards, which look much like those of theatrical short subjects.
Location: A/V room, 2/F