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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2008 Bioremediation of water contaminated with BTEX, TPH, and TCE      Ma, Wei Shim Hojae Master
2004 Boundary value method with skew-circulant preconditioner for ODEs      Yeung, Choi In Master
2012 EU energy policy after the Treaty of Lisbon : breakthroughs, interfaces and opportunity      Zhu, Feng Castro Paulo Canelas de Master
2010 Numerical methods for early-exercise option pricing via Fourier analysis      Huang, Ning Ying Ding Deng Master
2010 Profiling the capacities of effective managers in Macau financial sector      Cheang, Weng Chong Master
2013 Show-off or national glory? : a framing analysis of newspaper coverage on Shanghai Exposition 2010 from mainland China and Hong Kong media      Lao, Ka Lai Chen Huai Lin Master
2017 The victim movement and parents of missing children in China      Zhao, Hai Yun Xu, Jian Hua Master
2014 VC backgrounds and venture success :evidence from China      Tan, Xin Vong Pou Iu Master
2015 Value versus growth :new evidence from Chinese stock market      Cheuk, Fan Qiao, Zhuo, Prof. Master
2016 Value-at-risk, stress tests and stable paretian distribution :the implementation for bank capital      U, Sio Chong So, Yuk Chow Ph.D.
2013 Variables affecting CDS spreads of financial institutions      Kou, Chon Hong Master
2004 Variation in past tense marking in L2 English in Macao      Loi, Raymond Baxter Alan Norman Master
1998 Variaveis contextuais da aprendizagem da lingua Portuguesa por aprendentes Chineses      Rodrigues, Maria Helena Casteleiro Joao Malaca Master
2013 Vertical drain consolidation of unsaturated soil by differential quadrature method      Tu, Shuai Zhou Wan Huan Master
2015 Vibration control and parametric study on rotating plates by constrained layer damping patches      Lo, Kin Heng Xie Zheng Chao Master
2017 Victims' participation in the international criminal court from the perspective of restorative justice      于紫伊 Verhoeven, Sten Idris Master
2017 Violence before revolution :the Changsha rice riots of 1910 seen from foreigners' writings      Xiong, Ye 王笛 Master
2004 Vocabulary development by high-school students in Macao : a comparative study between teacher instruction and computer input      Wu, Mei Han Xu Feng Ying Master
2009 effect of particle grading on the mechanical behavior of a granular assemblage : discrete element approach      Dong, Jing Jing Yan Wai Man Master
2006 study of the effects of technology, international trade and consumption on employment in China      Lin, Jun Jie Li Guo Qiang Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 26