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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2018 A utilitarian assessment of bilateral inverstment treaties if People's Republic of China and their prospective development      Liu, Jia Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal Master
2012 Automotive engine tuning using least-squares support vector machines and evolutionary optimization      Li, Ke Wong Pak Kin Ph.D.
2004 Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, em busca do passado, presente e futuro      Noronha, Rosa Elfrida Venancio Jose Carlos Master
2014 Female relationship in Clare Boothe's the Women and María Irene Fornés's Fefu and her friends      Wang, Fang Hui Wong Ka Ki Master
2012 Macau auditors' views of audit independence and ethical values      Lin, Jin Yuen Chun Yip Master
2010 Mining product features from online reviews      Hu, Wei Shu Gong Zhi Guo Master
2010 Multigrid algorithm based on cyclic reduction for convection diffusion equations      Lao, Kun Leng Sun Hai Wei Master
2006 Quality of work life and life satisfaction      Vong, Man Ieng Wyatt Thomas Master
2009 Study on anthraquinones from morinda officinalis      Zhang, Hai Long 張慶文 Master
2016 The United States' military reconnaissance activity in China's coastal area :causes and countermeasures      Zhu, Ting Ting Chen Ding Ding Master
2017 The use of Facebook fan page on promotion :a case study of the local online cake shop : Choco Choco      Ip, Ka Weng 吳玫 Master
2018 The use of accents in Disney animated feature films 2010-2015      Zhao, Shi Qi, Jennifer Fong, I.W. Ronald Master
2011 To forward integrate or not : an analysis of HN Group's corporate strategy in the automobile oil and lubricant industry      Lam, Chi Lek Master
2016 Ukraine's diplomacy :complex interdependence and balancing acts between Russia and the EU      Liao, Ying Wang Jianwei Master
2017 Ultra-low-power wireless transmitter circuit techniques for Internet-of-Things applications      Peng, Xing Qiang Mak, Pui-In Ph.D.
2016 Um estudo sobre a traducao de anuncios afixados em locais publicos de Macau :com base na teoria da relevancia      Ho, Ip 姚京明 Master
2018 Um estudo sobre a traducao de cartazes referentes aos eventos culturais de Macau com base na teoria funcionalista de nord      Wu, Shuang 姚京明 Master
2017 Uma análise dos verbos direcionais na tradução automática do PCT      Liang, Lu Leal, Ana Luísa Varani Master
2015 Uma reflexao sobre o tradutor como mediador cultural no context de Macau      Chiu, Lai Fan 姚京明 Master
2017 Uma tradução comentada do teatro pioneiro chinês Rhinoceros in Love, de Meng Jinghui      Liang, Xin Yuan Mata, Inocencia Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 56