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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2013 Application of Bayesian probabilistic approach on ground motion attenuation relations      Xu, Rong Rong Yuen Ka Veng Master
2010 Conflicts of interest : the opium problem in Guangdong, 1858-1917      Ma, Guang Antony Robert J. Master
2011 Cross-context transfer of electronic title documents      Wong, Wai Lin Guo Jing Zhi Master
2012 Customer satisfaction in the MICE industry in Macao      Lou, Mio Leng Master
2014 Domestic violence in Macao : police and social workers' responses      Wong, Wa Pan Zhao Ruo Hui Master
2007 HPLC 聯用生物活性檢測篩選中藥抗氧化成分      李蘇穎 李紹平 Master
2005 Qualitative and quantitative studies on nucleotides of Ganoderma by HPLC-DAD-ESI-MS      Gao, Jian Li Yu Zhi Ling Master
2005 Quality dimensions in office software tools : a study in Chinese context      劉宇玲 Wan Guohua Master
2003 Quality management system - ISO 9000 : a case study of Securicor Macau      Ng, Jose Vong Peng Chun Master
2006 Quantitative determination of six flavones and saponins in Radix Astragali by HPLC-ELSD      Hu, Guang Lee MingYuen Master
2016 Quantitative study of Sino-American-Russian triangular relations during the post-Cold War period (1992-2014)      Wen, Er Kang Lin Zhimin Master
2017 Quaternionic prolate spheroidal wave functions and applications      Zou, Cui Ming Kou, Kit Ian Ph.D.
2016 Quaternionic representation based local feature extraction technologies of color images      Lan, Ru Shi Zhou Yi Cong Ph.D.
2016 Questoes de (in) traduzibilidade na traducao portuguesa de Shi Jing      Jin, Jing 姚京明 Master
2017 Quick and cost-efficient measurement techniques for high-performance AD converters      Qin, Wei Wei Sin, Sai-Weng Master
2010 Some problems and analysis for thermal bending plates      Liu, Xing Lu Er Guo Kang Master
2013 Statistical process control charts and their applications in Macao schools      Che, Ka Lei Ding Deng Master
2007 Study on chemical constituents and qualitative & quantitative analysis of Rhizoma coptidis      Wang, Wei 王一濤 Master
2012 empirical exploration of the real exchange rate of the RMB : a wage perspective      Liu, Ruo Chuan Master
2014 qualitative study :Chinese father's experiences of living with a child with autism spectrum disorder      Hou, Qian Hua Schalkwyk Gertina J. van Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 24