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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2013 Balancing or bankwagoning : a quasi-civilian Myanmar in midst of China and U.S.A.      Wang, Li Xing Wang Jianwei Master
2009 Calycosin promotes angiogenesis involving estrogen receptor and mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) signaling pathway      Tang, Jing Yan Lee MingYuen Master
2006 Conflict management styles and trust      Ng, Peng Man 陳家慧 Master
2013 Coordination of international competition law under the framework of WTO : from the perspective of BRICS      Wang, Yan 魏丹 Master
2010 Effects of a signing intervention on language and social development : a case study conducted in Macao      Lo, Ka Pou Wilhelm Kim Hughes Master
2009 Estudo das estrategias e metodos de traducao de Sete estrelas : antologia de prosas femininas      Cheang, Orquidea Gil 姚京明 Master
2013 Experimental investigation of simultaneous heat transfer and pressure drop measurements for plain and micro-fin tubes      Tam, Hou Kuan Tam Lap Mou Ph.D.
2007 Globalization strategies of India pharmaceutical industry      Lin, Guan Yn 鄭力仁 Master
2007 Import price uncertainly, production decisions and relative factor shares in Korea      Li, Da 黃家琪 Master
2008 In search of a medium of instruction : Macao secondary students' attitudes towards three English varieties      Shen, Cheng Ling Moody Andrew Jackson Master
2007 International law on water transfers      Espada, Gildo Manuel Castro Paulo Canelas de Master
2011 Kinematics, dynamics and control analysis for micro positioning and active vibration isolation using parallel manipulators      Yun, Yuan Li Yang Min Ph.D.
2014 LEPOR : an augmented machine translation evaluation metric      Han, Li Feng Chao Sam Master
2008 Lies of the mind in Sam Shepard's family plays      Tong, Wai Fong Appler Gilbert Keith Master
2012 Motivation in second language learning : A small-scale qualitative study of language attitudes in a Macau English-medium secondary school      Li, Iok Meng Moody Andrew Jackson Master
2008 Natural resource abundance and economic growth : an empirical test with Chinese provincial panel data      Li, Qi Ho Wai Hong Master
2008 O combate ao branqueamento de capitais e o segredo profissional      Mergulhao O, Sofia Andrade Costa Master
2017 O conceito de "Ren" (仁) em traduções de Os Analectos em língua portuguesa :a perspectiva da teoria da tradução cultural      Wang, Dong Zi 姚京明 Master
2000 O direito a informacao procedimental no ordenamento juridicos de Macau : um paradigma de continuidade juridica pos-transicao politica      Magalhaes, Antonio Eduardo Baltar Malheiro de Soares Rogerio Guilherme Ehrhardt Master
1997 O direito penal informatica : o cibercrime na "INTERNET"      Kuok, Un Man Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 114