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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2013 Adaptive signal decomposition of Hardy space      Li, Shuang Qian Tao Ph.D.
2011 Analysis on the integration of EU consumer credit markets : a co-integration analysis      Tan, Zu Jia Altomonte Carlo Master
2015 "Anhui Su Hua Bao" and Chen Duxiu's enlightenment thought      Tong, Sheng 湯開建 Master
2009 Cheong-Sam e as sua versoes Chinesas : uma analise de questoes culturais      Gomes, Anabela Maria 姚京明 Master
2008 Chinese students' reactions towards rhoticity : a study of the language attitudes of undergraduate students from Macao and Chinese Mainland      Mok, Pui Ieng Moody Andrew Jackson Master
1998 Compression, indexing and searching of a large structured-text database in a library monitoring and control system (LiMaCS)      Tam, Wai I Master
1997 Employees' behavior in an organization : (hotel grandeur)      Wan, Soi Kok Weinrich John E. Master
2012 Exploring Chinese males' perspective on body image, social comparison and social support      Shao, Zhou Ying Master
2013 Export and economic growth : the case of China      Mu, Zhuo Jun Chen Yu Master
2010 Humour and pleasures of childhood text : English and Chinese poetry for children      Kong, Sut Ieng Kelen Christopher Master
2011 Intelligent system based facility monitoring and fault diagnosis of power generators      Zhong, Jian Hua Yang Zhi Xin Master
2013 Macao's political reform consultation in 2012 : a case study on public engagement      Cheong, Kin Mei Li Ying Master
2006 Nationalism behind the coverage of gold medal : a comparative analysis of Olympic reports in Mainland China and Hong Kong newspapers      Wong, Pak Mei Chen Huai Lin Master
2016 Navigating neurological drug research in China :perspectives from research collaboration networks      Si Tou, Ka Weng 胡元佳 Master
2000 Nd : YAG laser processing and mould making by laser laminated-object manufacturing      Lo, Kin Ho Zhu Yun Ming Master
2015 Neurofeedback training for improving physical balance in healthy young adults :a pilot study      Qu, Xiao Ting Wan Feng Master
2013 New 1D series-wound chaotic maps for image encryption      Hua, Zhong Yun Zhou Yi Cong Master
2015 New deep learning techniques for pattern learning and recognition      Zhang, Chun Yang Chen C. L. Ph.D.
2017 New preprocessing methods of Raman spectra and their evaluation      Wu, Ying Wen Chen, Long Master
2015 News as institutional discourse :discourse structure and practice in BBC TV and CCTV news programmes      Feng, De Bing Montgomery Martin Ph.D.
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Records 1 - 20 of 80