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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2015 Analysis of creating a new type of great power relations between China and the European Union      Gu, Hong Fei Song Wei Qing Master
2006 Analysis on GMRES convergence and some results on spectral properties of preconditioned matrices      Wei, Wang Jin Xiao Qing Master
2012 Analysis on the efficiency of China's banking industry and the influencing factors      Wang, Yu Fei Chen Yu Master
2014 Analytical solutions to axisymmetrical consolidation of unsaturated and saturated soils      Li, Xiao Bo Zhou Wan Huan Master
2012 Angiogenic effect of a novel Danshensu derivative in zebrafish      Choi, In Leng Lee MingYuen Master
2010 Banking efficiency and productivity growth in Hong Kong and Macau      Vong, Iek Lam Fu Maggie Master
2012 Cultural impact on content and design of Macau casino web sites      Leong, Pui I Lee Chang Boon Master
2009 "D_PID" method for on-demand air conditioning system control in meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibition (M.I.C.E.) building      Lei, Tong Weng Vai Mang I Master
2012 Determination of nucleosides, nucleobases and amino acids in natural and cultured Cordyceps using HPLC-DAD-ELSD      Tan, Miao 李紹平 Master
2008 EC competition law and policy and its implications for China      Tang, Tat Weng Snyder Francis Master
2014 Economic and social determinants of life insurance consumption in China      Gao, Liang Zheng Ming Li Master
2007 Effect of chloride on biological nutrient removal from wastewater      Hong, Chon Choi Shim Hojae Master
2006 Efficiency improvement of micro-mobility with intra-domain multicast-based mechanisms      Tang, U Fai Guo Zhen Sheng Master
1996 Formacao : vector estrategico para o desenvolvimento economico de um pais ou territorio      Almeida, Fernando Manuel Simoes de Antonio Nelson Jose dos Santos Master
2008 Free trade and regional integration in a globalized world : the case of Southern Africa Development Community and its impact in Mozambique      Machava, Almeida Zacarias 魏丹 Master
2015 Hierarchical kernel-based learning algorithms and their applications      Xia, Tian Tang Yuan Yan Ph.D.
2009 Investor-related perspectives of IPO underpricing in Hong Kong      Ieong, Hoi Ian Master
2014 Laser surface alloying of copper with chromium, titanium and carbon nanotube      Yang, Ya Wei Kwok Chi Tat Master
1998 MBA in Macau and Hong Kong      Santos, Joao Francisco Serrao Correia Dos Antonio Nelson Jose dos Santos Master
2018 MCM10, CDT1 and CDC6 as prognostic biomakers and drivers of breast cancer      Das Neves, Henrique Coutinho Póvoas Esteves Kwok, Hang Fai Ph.D.
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Records 1 - 20 of 190