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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2018 A knowledge-based system for maintenance in Macau hotel operations      Iong, Kuok Hong Wong, Seng Fat Master
2010 Case-based expert system using wavelet packet transform and kernel-based feature manipulation for engine spark ignition diagnosis      Huang, He Vong Chi Man Master
2012 Hong Kong in chinese literary sources : perceptions of urban history of daily life, 1945-1949      Xia, Si 何偉傑 Master
2005 IQA : intelligent question answering from the web      Chan, Mei Pou Gong Zhi Guo Master
2009 Investigation on EPC method for the PDF solutions of some nonlinear stochastic oscillators with poisson excitations      Zhu, Hai Tao Iu Vai Pan Ph.D.
2014 Kalman filter based statistical model for predicting the 8-hr maximum ozone and daily PM10 in Macau      Lai, Kueng Hong Mok Kai Meng Master
2016 Keeping it at arm's length :an analysis of Britain's relation with the European Union      Huang, Run Dong Wang, Jianwei Master
2015 Kinematics analysis and trajectory planning of mobile manipulators      Zhang, Yao Lun Li Yang Min Master
2003 Kinematics control of redundant manipulators using CMAC neural networks combined with Descent Gradient Optimizers & Genetic Algorithm Optimizers      Leong, Sio Hong Li Yang Min Master
2004 Kinematics, dynamics and control of parallel robots      Xu, Qing Song Li Yang Min Master
2006 Kinematics, dynamics and intelligent control for nonholonomic mobile modular manipulators      Liu, Yu Gang Li Yang Min Ph.D.
2005 Knowledge discovery in medical diagnosis data      Zhang, Si Qi Gong Zhi Guo Master
2001 Knowledge management in the information age      Junior, Miguel Gomes da Costa Shaw David S. Master
2017 Knowledge, power and strategy :study on diplomatic policy towards Liao and western Xia in early northern Song dynasty      Xiang, Chao Li, Ping Master
2015 Krylov subspace methods for matrix functions in exponential integrators and their applications      Zhang, Lu, Sun Hai Wei Ph.D.
2007 陳子龍與幾社研究 = The research of Chan Chi-Long and Ji She      龍潤華 鄧國光 Master
2008 初中離校青少年生涯決定歷程之敍說研究      楊詩雅 施達明 Master
2013 父母教養風格、學習任務價值及成就目標取向之關係研究 : 以中國內地大學生為例      何巧靈 陳薇文 Master
1989 中國報業的發展趨向      李炳坤 溫健驊 Master
2011 澳門高中學生的性別意識 : 勞工班級的個案研究      陳永欣 張建成 Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 20