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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2011 Actions and constraints of the European Union as an international actor : the case of Former Yugoslav crisis      Chen, Xi Ying Song Wei Qing Master
2014 Analysis of obstacles to lifting the EU arms embargo on China      Xu, Yu Huang Hao Yufan Master
2010 Applying the cooperative learning model to enhance Primary Four students English learning effectiveness Tam Oi Ian.      Tam, Oi Ian 楊秀玲 Master
2014 Automotive engine air-ratio control using online time-sequence incremental and decremental least-squares support vector machines and fuzzy optimization      Huang, Shao Jia Wong Pak Kin Master
2011 Callable bull bear contracts, liquidity and stock price manipulation : evidence from HK      Yu, Ming Min Lei Cheuk Hung Master
2014 Development of a wireless inspection and notification system with minimum monitoring hardware for real-time vehicle emission examination      Ma, Zi Qian Wong Pak Kin Master
2008 Development of vehicle fleet management system based on Global Positioning System and artificial intelligencet      Lei, Keng U Tam Lap Mou Master
2009 Dilatancy of remoulded fine-grained soils      Huang, Lian Fang Yuen Ka Veng Master
2011 Discussion on investment environment of Macao      Chan, Lai Man So Man Shing Master
2008 ETS measurements and ventilation strategies for indoor environment      Wong, Kit Iong Tam Lap Mou Master
2011 Estudo da traducao de notas de imprensa do Comissariado contra a Corrupcao : analise do processo das formas passivas      Kuok, Sio Man Leal Ana Luisa Varani Master
2012 Frame "chick" : a semiological analysis of Chinese chick flicks      Luo, Le 林玉鳳 Master
2013 From ethnicity to realpolitik : the changing Turkish-Chinese relations      Qin, Zi Han 仇國平 Master
2006 Gree air conditioner channel analysis : a case study      Yang, Jin Chow Siu Fung Master
2011 Herding and trading volum      Lan, Qing Qing Lai Neng Master
1996 Human resources development in Macau hotel industry : a case study      Yung, Yee Lee Master
2012 Human rights accountability of non-state actors and special concerns on women      Wang, Yi Ying Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal Master
2014 "I am breaking the Great Firewall" :a study on circumvention tools exploitation by Chinese college students      Kang, Le 吳玫 Master
2016 I-Ching divination evolutionary algorithm :convergence analysis and its applications      Zhang, Tong Chen C. L. Ph.D.
2014 IFRS adoption and sensitivity of executive compensation to accounting-based performance :evidence from China      Chen, Yu Mei Yuen Chun Yip Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 257