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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2011 A comparative study of English-language newspaper headlines      Jia, Ting Ting Kuong Io Kei Master
2016 A historical analysis of France's NATO policy during 1949-2012      Ma, Yu Lu Song Wei Qing Master
2011 Aerobic bioremediation of water contaminated with mixture of CAHs and BTEX      Chen, Yi Qin Shim Hojae Master
2012 Chinese-English code-switching in the asynchronous CMC of Sina Weibo in Mainland China      Lin, Li Chan Brian HokShing Master
2013 Constructing the most profitable bus route by flow network techniques      Zhang, Zhao Xi U Leong Hou Master
2012 Control and minimization of DC-link voltage for three-phase four-wire hybrid active power filters      Cui, Xiao Xi Wong Man Chung Master
2014 Design and analysis of a dual-axis monolithic MEMS microgripper      Jia, Yu Kun Xu Qing Song Master
2012 Discourse of voice-over narration in movie trailers : discovering its general patterns, discursive features and historical changes      Lin, Lin Moody Andrew Jackson Master
2010 Enhancement of efficiency and robustness of Kalman filter based statistical air quality models by using Bayesian approach      Hoi, Ka In Mok Kai Meng Ph.D.
2011 FPGA-based power electronics controller for three-phase four-wire hybrid active power filters      Sun, Bo Wong Man Chung Master
2016 Handheld CMOS-based NMR devices for biologicalchemical diagnosis      Lei, Ka Meng Mak PuiIn Ph.D.
2016 Handling missing data problems in criminology :an introduction      Wang, Xue Master
2015 Happiness in Mainland China :development and validation of a Chinese happiness scale      Wang, Yuan Yuan, D'Amato Rik Carl Ph.D.
2002 Harmonic reduction and power factor correction in low power supply system      Chan, Weng Hong Chen Wei Ji Master
2002 Hierarchy in The Chronicles of Narnia      Ito, Sumiko Guthrie William Master
2016 High accuracy multi-range ultra-low power non-calibrated CMOS smart temperature sensor design      Lu, San Feng, Law Man Kay Master
2015 High order compact finite difference schemes for fractional differential equations      Wang, Zhi Bo, Vong Seak Weng Ph.D.
2017 High order compact schemes for fractional differential equations with mixed derivatives      Shi, Chen Yang Vong, Seak Weng Master
1997 High technology and Macau industrial transformation      Chang, Mary Yabut Nasol Ramon Lino Master
2017 High-resolution passive and active-passive switched-capacitor delta-sigma modulator design techniques in nanoscale CMOS      Hussain, Arshad U, Seng-Pan Ph.D.
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Records 1 - 20 of 88