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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2010 Bring the "Partnership and Cooperation Agreement" to new heights? : implications for the prospective EU-China PCA      Zhang, Jiao 曾令良 Master
2011 Deposit rate pass-through and competition : evidence from Macau      Wang, Mi La Liu Ming Hua Master
2012 Development of microscale separation techniques for quality control of Chinese medicines      Chen, Xiao Jia 王一濤 Ph.D.
2014 Empirical comparisons of the functional forms of intertemporal demand systems      Gao, Long 黃家琪 Master
2005 GIS middleware supporting heterogeneous GIS clients      Chao, Pek Kei Wu Enhua Master
2012 GPU-assisted techniques for image-based rendering and physically based computer animation      Zhu, Jian Wu Enhua Ph.D.
2016 Gabor and scattering transform for urine sediment texture analysis      Li, Chun Li Tang Yuan Yan Master
2015 Game, god and gastronomy :Macao identities in post-handover narratives and translations (2000-2011)      Pan, Han Ting, 張美芳 Ph.D.
2017 Gender based meta-heuristic optimization algorithms      Tian, Zhong Huan Fong, Chi Chiu Master
2014 Gender diversity and firm financial performance :evidence from Hong Kong and China      Sam, Kit Ian Lei Cheuk Hung Master
2015 Gender imbalance in primary school EFL textbooks used on China's Mainland      Liang, Meng Wilhelm Kim Hughes Master
2015 Geosemiotics of Portuguese restaurants in Macau :space, place and third space as markers of a Macau identity      Cheetham, Alison Kathleen Moody Andrew Jackson Master
1999 Geotechnical site characterization based on SPT      Ng, Iok Tong Subrahmanyam M.S. Master
2016 Global social movement for the cause of women :cases of the United States, China and Afghanistan      Yu, Si Fan Song Wei Qing Master
2017 Good nutrition through trade :how can trade hinder the adverse effects of foodstuffs in health?      Nogueira, Daisy Neuwirth, Rostam J Master
2015 Government debt and economic growth in European countries      Ma, Zhi Jia Zhang Yang Master
2014 Government policies, corporate social responsibility and investors' reactions :an empirical analysis      Peng, Li Zhe Noronha Carlos Master
2002 Grammatical constraints on ChinesePortuguese code-switching in Macao      Kong, Kam Leng Schaetzel Kirsten Master
2017 Graph-based data selection for statistical machine translation      Wang, Yi Ming Chao, Sam Master
2013 Growth, volatility and inflation :anempirical cross-country investigation      Chang, Xiao Gu Xin Hua Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 39