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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2017 A fast and low-cost microfabrication approach for six types of thermoplastic substrates with reduced feature size and minimized bulges using sacrificial layer assisted laser engraving      Gu, Long Jun Li, Cheuk Wing Master
2013 Enhancing legal certainties on investor protection of China's Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) regime      Guo, Yong Yu 魏丹 Master
2011 Ethical leadership and employee outcomes : an exploratory investigation in Macao      Cheong, Sok Ian Master
2017 FDR control and a Cramér moderate deviation theorem for Hotelling's T2-statistic      Fan, Zhi Lei Xu, Li Hu Master
2015 FPGA implementation of synthetic aperture algorithm for ultrasound imaging      Huang, Hui Juan Vai Mang I Master
2017 Facebook :case study of its successful factors : with analysis of financial statement      Chan, Hou Fai Yuen, Chun Yip, Prof. Master
2016 Facebook for promoting Macau tourism :case study : Macau Government Tourism Office      Mac, Weng Yan Sy-Changco, Joseph Adea Master
2015 Facial block analysis for medical applications      Shu, Ting Zhang Yi Bo Master
2017 Facial color analysis for diabetes mellitus detection using sparse representation algorithms      Zhang, Peng Zhang, Yi Bo Master
2015 Facile and low-cost fabrication of thermoplastics microdevices      Jiang, Jing Yun Li Cheuk Wing Master
2001 Factors affecting persistence in Japanese language study at the University of Macau      Izumi, Hiroko Pharis Keith Master
2016 Factors affecting the adoption of mobile finance functions offered by third-party non-banking organizations      Lai, Li Ming Sam, Kin Meng Master
2015 Factors affecting turnover intention of aviation security guard      Mai, Xin Chan Sow Hup Master
2017 Factors driving restaurant selection in social dine-out :A study of college students in Macau      Liu, Tong Fan 馮家超 Master
2016 Factors for types of crime committed by female inmates in Taiwan :an exploratory study      Zhao, Yue Liu Jianhong Master
2017 Factors influencing consumer's purchase intention of baby products in Macao      Iao, Ka Kei Sy-Changco, Joseph Adea Master
2017 Factors influencing customer loyalty in Chinese mobile payment industry      Liu, Yu Xi Mac, Vai Iun Master
2005 Factors influencing intention to use online course      Sin, Ion Peng Yuen Chun Yip Master
2015 Factors influencing purchase intention of online group buying in Macau      Cheang, Hio Ian Chow, Wing Chi Master
2014 Factors influencing the choice behavior of physiotherapy service in Macau      Chan, U Man Chow Wing Chi Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 134