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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2018 A estetica literaria no ato tradutoriao a luz da teoria de Levy :uma analise da traducao do conto A Memoia de Grande Nur ;Xu Fangzhou.      Xu, Fang Zhou Mata, Inocencia Master
2010 Adaptive decomposition of signals into mono-components      Wang, Yan Bo Qian Tao Ph.D.
2012 Against Interpretation : dream work and film work in Susan Sontag's Death Kit      Zhai, Yu Appler Gilbert Keith Master
2009 Ambient effects on structural health monitoring of buildings      Kuok, Sin Chi Yuen Ka Veng Master
2016 An empirical analysis of the relationship between inventory and financial performance in Chinese manufacturing companies      Li, Ao Bo Fu, Qi Master
2015 An empirical research on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and corporate financial performance :evidences from listed A-share construction enterprises in China      Ieong, Nga Nei Noronha, Carlos Master
2017 An empirical study about Twitter and movie box office revenue      Yang, Yao Guo, Jing Zhi Master
2015 An empirical study of contemporary customer relationship manangement systems features for retail banking business      Chan, Weng Si Chan, Wing Han Master
2016 An empirical study of the relationship between ITGC, compliance and IT-related risk      Liu, Dan Chan, Wing Han Master
2017 An empirical study on economic growth promoting insurance market development in Macau      Wong, Fong I Li, Guo Qiang Master
2017 An error detection-based droop-boost control method for the capacitive-coupling grid-connected inverter      Sheng, Jing Jing Dai, Ning Yi Master
2005 An evaluation of the predictive ability of the spread between earnings yields and interest rates for the Shanghai and Shenzhen A and B share indices      He, Evan Robert Harold Terpstra Master
2017 An examination of casino customer loyalty program in Galaxy Entertainment Group      Kuan, Fu Lon Lam, Desmond Master
2017 An examination of corporate social responsibility and financial performance :evidence from high and low- profile companies in China      Zhang, Zhi Wei Sohn, Charlie Byung Cherl Master
2017 An examination of herding behavior in Chinses stock market      Li, Bo Lin So, Man Shing Master
2017 An examination of relationship between emotions and job satisfaction among employees working within the luxury hotel sector in Macau      Ferreirakam, Celina McCartney, Glenn Master
2016 An examination of the moderating effect of product hedonism on the effect of country of origin on product evaluation      Leong, Weng I Chow, Siu Fung Master
2017 An experimental study on cyclic behavior of extended end-plate connections equipped with shape memory alloy bolts      Xie, Lang Kun Lam, Chi Chiu Master
2010 Analysis of volatile components in Cinnamomum cassia using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and the effect of sample preparation      Lv, Guang Ping, 李紹平 Master
2014 Analysis of welfare state reform in Sweden : why Sweden could reduce its public expenditure?      Li, Ying Hao Yufan Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 342