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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2010 Adaptive decomposition of signals into mono-components      Wang, Yan Bo Qian Tao Ph.D.
2012 Against Interpretation : dream work and film work in Susan Sontag's Death Kit      Zhai, Yu Appler Gilbert Keith Master
2009 Ambient effects on structural health monitoring of buildings      Kuok, Sin Chi Yuen Ka Veng Master
2017 An error detection-based droop-boost control method for the capacitive-coupling grid-connected inverter      Sheng, Jing Jing Dai, Ning Yi Master
2005 An evaluation of the predictive ability of the spread between earnings yields and interest rates for the Shanghai and Shenzhen A and B share indices      He, Evan Robert Harold Terpstra Master
2017 An experimental study on cyclic behavior of extended end-plate connections equipped with shape memory alloy bolts      Xie, Lang Kun Lam, Chi Chiu Master
2010 Analysis of volatile components in Cinnamomum cassia using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and the effect of sample preparation      Lv, Guang Ping, 李紹平 Master
2014 Analysis of welfare state reform in Sweden : why Sweden could reduce its public expenditure?      Li, Ying Hao Yufan Master
2012 Applause elicitation in political speeches : a case study of Barack Obama      Wang, Qi Yan Montgomery Martin Master
2014 Application of electric motorcycles in Macau      Cheong, Tat Hong 程子活 Master
2011 Apply algorithm of changes to solve traveling salesman problem      Chio, Chou Hei Tam Sik Chung Master
2013 Approaches of Chinese newspapers in Macau and their roles in four fields under the influence of nationalism during the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945)      Li, Zhen Zhen Wei C. X. George Master
2010 Bone anabolic effect of flavonoids from Herba Epimedii in zebrafish and medaka      Li, Zhen Hua Lee MingYuen Master
2012 Capacitance-to-digital converter for lab-on-chip digital microfluidics system and an ultra-low power SAR ADC with effective calibration      Xiao, Yan Jie Mak PuiIn Master
2012 Challenges to the trademark protection in the era of globalization and cyberspace : the role of international law and developments in USA and China      Huang, Xiao Ling Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal Master
2011 Climate change in Sino-U.S. relations : a catalyst of cooperation or conflict?      Zong, Jian Ping Master
2015 Community detection and credibility analysis on social networks      Hu, Wei Shu Gong Zhi Guo Ph.D.
2009 Contact tracing in Health-Care Information System : with SARS as a case study      Leong, Kan Ion Si Yain Whar Master
2014 DEM analysis of ultimate lateral resistance to rigid piles in sands      Xie, Yi Dong Lok Man Hoi Master
2013 Danshensu protects against 6-hydroxydopamine-induced damage of PC12 cells in vitro and dopaminergic neurons in zebrafish      Zhou, Zhong Yan Lee MingYuen Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 260