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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2012 2006-2011年我國中藥與西藥不良反應頻度和强度的回顧性比較研究      阮貞 卞鷹 Master
2017 A descriptive analysis of the adaptation of English consonants in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese loanwords      Ma, Qiao Jun Kuong, Io Kei Master
2018 A descriptive study on network buzzwords in the mandarin Chinese netspeak      Chen, Shen Zhang Kuong, Io Kei Master
2017 A discourse of devils :representations of the Japanese in Chinese war films after 1949      Jiang, Wei Schirato, Tony Ph.D.
2018 A distributed particle swarm optimization for fuzzy c-means algorithm based on an apache spark platform      Wong, Cheok Meng Chen, C. L. Master
2013 Allocative and dynamic efficiency of China's investment : evidence from provincial data      Zhu, Yan Dang Vinh Master
2013 Analysis of hydrophilic components in water extract from Polygonum multiflorum using micellar electrokinetic chromatography      Lao, Ka Meng 李紹平 Master
2010 Antecedents and work consequences of social identity in organizations : a study of higher education institute in Macau      Vong, Kun Seng Lam Long Wai Master
2011 Assessing the strategic partnership between China and the European Union (2003-2010)      Ou, Wei Qiang Telo Mario Master
2011 Can common stocks provide a good hedge against inflation? evidence from the emerging markets      Guo, Hai Zhen Zheng Ming Li Master
2012 China's public diplomacy : can it make a difference?      Hu, Ke Jia Wang Jianwei Master
2012 Comparison of polysaccharides from two species of Ganoderma      Xie, Jing 李紹平 Master
1994 D. Antonio Joaquim de Medeiros : Bispo de Macau e as Missoes de Timor, 1884-1897      Fernandes, Francisco Maria, Matos Artur Teodoro de Master
1995 D. Joaquim de Sousa Saraiva : do declinio da diocese de Pequim a contribuicao para a historiografia Macaense = 索神父      Sousa, Acacio Fernando de, Matos Artur Teodoro de Master
2016 Da oponibilidade do registo a terceiros adquirentes :coordenacao entre os direitos reais e o registo predial      Lao, Chi Ieng Correia Paula Nunes Master
2016 Da uniao de facto :relevancia juridica para a responsabilidade por dividas      Tam, Hio Kuan Trigo Manuel Marcelino Escovar Master
2018 Data stream mining in fog computing environment with feature selection using ensemble of swarm search algorithms      Ma, Bin Bin Fong, Chi Chiu Master
2017 Data stream mining model with misclassified recalls for improving the accuracy of sensor data mining      Lin, Ying Ying Fong, Chi Chiu Master
2017 Dealing with bad customers :a study of consequences of customer mistreatment and the moderating effects of psychological capital and service climate      Chan, Hio Hei Lam, Long Wai Master
2015 Decentralization and local corruption in the transformation of China      Liu, Wei Hua Hao Yufan Ph.D.
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Records 1 - 20 of 216