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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2015 A comparative analysis of global environmental regime-climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion      Huang, Heng Fei Song Wei Qing Master
2013 Analysis of radiation form wireless communication systems using parallel electromagnetic simulation      Chio, Chan Keong Ting Sio Weng Master
2008 Analysis of urban heat island effect of Macao by ARPS simulation      Jing, Cheng Tao 王志石 Master
2006 Application of linear programming in Sudoku      Leong, Fu Fai Leong Ieng Tak Master
2012 Auditor's perceived fairness of performance appraisal : an empirical study on auditors' job performance      Wong, Ming Ho Master
2009 Bible translation in China : a case study of Robert Morrison's translation      Wang, Yue Chen 張美芳 Master
2002 CALL : 2D diagrammatic tool for assisting English phonetics learning      Lim, Lily Wu Enhua Master
2013 Call auctions, exchange-traded barrier option and price manipulation :evidence from Callable BullBear Contracts      Zhang, Ti Lei Cheuk Hung Master
1998 Career opportunities for business administration student : the case of Macau      Ieong, Ut Fong Antonio Nelson Jose dos Santos Master
2016 Carrier's liability rules in international aviation transport      Huang, Ping 涂廣建 Master
2015 Cartas anuas da China :um projecto de traducao para o chines      Han, Ting Gago Dora Nunes Master
2000 Case-based adaptation applied to hydraulic circuit design      Vong, Chi Man Babka Otakar Master
2015 Categorizando genero na contemporaneidade :um estudo do discurso de adolescentes no contexto escolar      Sequeira, Teresa Isabel F. L. Pereira de Matos Silva Roberval Teixeira e Master
2017 Channel characteristics and communication performance of galvanic coupling human body communication      Chen, Xi Mei Vai, Mang I Ph.D.
2004 Character development in the Harry Potter novels of J. K. Rowling      Chan, Mei Lan Kelen Christopher Master
2016 Characteristics of China's new public diplomacy :under the neoclassical realistic framework      Wu, Ji Yao Song Wei Qing Master
2015 Characteristics of openness to problem solving of 15-year-old students :comparing Hong Kong, Macao, Shanghai and Chinese Taipei in PISA 2012      Wen, Yu Hua 張國祥 Master
2005 Characterization of Alkali Silica Reactivity of Xi Jiang River Sand      Choi, Wai Kin Lok Man Hoi Master
1997 Charting a course for the year 2000 and the century of quality, an empirical study of human resources development in the Macau services sector      Rahmani, Adnan C. Master
2016 Chemical analysis of different parts from lotus, a medicinal plant      Xiong, Wei 李紹平 Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 279