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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2017 A battle for supremacy between the European Union and member states :the authority transferred in gas trade with Russian Federation      Yao, Fang Yuan Houweling, Henk Master
2015 BCCB preconditioners for 2D space-fractional diffusion equations      Zhang, Xin He Lei Siu Long Master
2013 Babushka Lady in 2008 financial crisis :price discovery role of equity options      Cao, Wei Yue Cheung Ming Yan Master
2016 Baccarat game playing strategies analysis      Leung, Kar Wai Fong Chi Chiu Master
2017 Back analysis of undrained shear strength increment and settlement of a soil improvement project in Macau using PLAXIS      Chen, Yue Lok, Man Hoi Master
2003 Backward stochastic differential equations and option pricing      Leng, Weng San Ding Deng Master
2017 Balancing the protection of international investments and environment :the scope and limitations of international legal regime      Peng, Li Jie Ramaswamy, Muruga Perumal Master
2014 Bank competition and market structure in Macau      Ng, Chi Meng Fu Xiao Qing Master
2014 Bank competition, efficiency, and liquidity creation in Asia Pacific      Lin, Yong Jia Fu Xiao Qing Ph.D.
2001 Banking on the internet : impact on customers and management      Lei, Sao Lai Master
2016 Banking sector and regional economic growth : Evidence from China      Qiao, Qi Zhen Tam, Pui Sun Master
2003 Barriers to business-to-business electronic commerce adoption in small and medium-sized enterprises in China      Chiang, Ka U Wan Guohua Master
2015 Bayesian goodness-of-fit and model selection for dichotomous latent trait models by Wu, Huiping.      Wu, Hui Ping 梁成安 Ph.D.
2017 Bayesian nonparametric general regression for system identification and model class selection      Garcia, Gilberto Alejandro Ortiz Yuen, Ka Veng Ph.D.
2017 Beliefs about pedagogy influencing mobile technology practices of English language teachers      Fulton, Christopher Allen Du, Jian Xia Ph.D.
2017 Beliefs and practices of two Macau novice secondary school teachers in EFL writing instruction      Chan, Ka Ian Yu, Shu Lin Master
2015 Betting against beta :Evidence from China      Lei, Ka Chon Ren, Jin Juan Master
2014 Beware of the smiling poker face :the hypervigilant detection of fake smiles in schizotypy      Yu, Jun Hong Bernardo Allan B. I. Master
2017 Beyong ''ideological determinism'' :A multi-factor proximity framing study of international terrorism coverage      Yang, Liu Chen, Huai Lin Ph.D.
2018 Big data analysis of solid dispersion researches from 1980 to 2015      Zhang, Jing Lu Ouyang, De Fang Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 65