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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2015 ASEAN's non-interference norm :evolving interpretations and challenges for regional integration      Wei, Hang Chow Jonathan TseungHao Master
2016 Abordagem do uso do artigo portugues e analise dos erros na traducao do artigo em textos jornalisticos por aprendentes chineses a luz das teorias funcionalistas      Yan, Fei Santos Raimundo Enedino dos Master
1998 Abordagem sintactico-semantica dos verbos estativos em portugues e em chines      王增揚 Master
2013 Accounting comparability of mandatory new accounting standards adoption in China      Zhang, Jia Dan Lee Byung Hee Master
2016 Acute effects of hypoxia and high intensity interval exercise on blood pressure among healthy male university students      Wei, Xiao Yu 孔兆偉 Master
2016 Adaptive and robust sparse learning algorithm for image restoration      Liu, Li Cheng Chen C. L. Ph.D.
2016 Adaptive consensus control for nonlinear multi-agent systems      Ren, Chang E Chen C. L. Ph.D.
2001 Adaptive product strategy of China marketing for Macau clothing enterprise      Chan, Kit Weng Master
2005 Adoption of Business to Customer (B2C) E-commerce in Macau      Lee, Sze Kin Lee Chang Boon Master
2016 Adoption of international human rights norms :a study of three cases of death penalty      Tam, Ieok Si Chen Ding Ding Master
1997 Advanced control approaches for time-variant system : fuzzy logic control and adaptive inverse control      Ting, Sio Weng Miranda Vladimiro Master
2016 Advanced forecasting model with rolling mechanism for bicycle industry by grey model and Taguchi-based differential evolution algorithm      Liu, Xiao Han Wong Seng Fat Master
2015 Algorithm design and development of a new image decomposition and reconstruction approach based on adaptive Fourier decomposition      He, Can 張立明 Master
2015 Algumas consideracoes sobre o direito de impugnacao das deliberacoes dos socios      Lei, Ka Chon Garcia Augusto Teixeira Master
2015 Algumas propostas para o aperfeicoamento do regime de homem de confianca da RAEM      Zhang, Cong Raposo Vera Lucia Master
2016 Alternating direction method for high dimensional fractional diffusion equations with preconditioned strategy      Chou, Lot Kei Lei Siu Long Master
2013 American option on a principle guaranteed fund      Sun, Ying Shu Lo Chia Chun Master
2006 Amy Tan's The Kitchen God's Wife : awakened women and silenced men      Wang, Kai Lei Lai Cheng Master
2017 An amentoflavone derivative induces apoptosis and interferes with cell proliferation in melanoma by inhibition of the JAK2STAT3 signaling pathway      Huang, Jie Min Leung, Chung-Hang Master
2016 An analysis of Myanmar's balancing foreign policy towards China and US      Li, Zi Meng Chen Ding Ding Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 201