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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2008 Alternative political discussion in Macau's online forums      Lou, Lai Chu Liu Shih Diing Master
2007 Political bias in the news coverage of the Macao Assembly Election 2005 : analysis of three local newspapers      Cheong, Wai Kam Chen Huai Lin Master
2015 Yao rebellion in the 11th-12th years of Daoguang reign (1831-1832) : interaction and confrontation in China's middle ground      Kuang, Mei Hua Antony Robert J. Master
2002 高小學生之家庭動力畫與其自我槪念之相關研究      蔡瑞蘭 蘇肖好 Master
2002 高中物理認知結構水平與解題遷移能力之間的相關研究      賀彩珍 Wu Guo Zhen Master
2017 高中英語教師的小組活動教學信念與實踐之關係探究      陳雪妮 Yu, Shu Lin Master
2012 基於語料庫的漢語 "給" 和英語 "give" 之對比研究 = A corpus-based contrastive study on Chinese "gei" and English "give"      雷曦 徐傑 Master
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Records 1 - 7 of 7