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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2010 Framing Ao Man-Long's corruption scandal : a comparative analysis of Macao and Hong Kong newspapers coverage of Ao Man-Long's corruption scandal      Lu, Yi Zhi Chen Huai Lin Master
2011 How does nonfarm income affect inequality in rural China : evidence from provncial panel data      Wang, Xin Yu Chen Yu Master
2007 Hybrid intelligent technology based fault diagnosis system for squirrel cage induction motor      Sekar, Booma Devi Dong Ming Chui Master
2011 International jurisdictional rules in China : with reference to Hague Negotiation      Xie, Bin 涂廣建 Master
2010 Interpersonal communication pattern, information processing and media evaluation : analysis of Beijing audience on the eve of the 2008 Olympics      Liang, Wen Ge Li Xiao Qin Master
2000 Particle dispersion in two-phase turbulent flows      Sin, Vai Kuong Sousa Antonio C. M. Ph.D.
2005 Perspectivas do novo poder orcamental em Macau      Amaral, Rui Pedro P. do Master
2012 Pharmacological characterization of new neuroprotectants in Parkinson's disease models      Zhang, Zai Jun Lee MingYuen Ph.D.
2010 concordancia plural variavel no sintagma nominal do Portugues reestruturado da comunidade de Almoxarife, Sao Tome (desenvolvimento das regras de concordancia variaveis no processo de transmissao-aquisicao geracional)      Figueiredo, Carlos Filipe Guimaraes Baxter Alan Norman Ph.D.
2006 香附揮發油不同提取方法的優化與比較      譚捷瑜 李紹平 Master
2001 香港廣告文稿的語言特徵 = The characteristics of language used in the scripts of Hong Kong advertisements      郭寶珊 程祥徽 Master
2000 香港普通話教學的理論思考 = Theoretical considerations about Putonghua teaching in Hong Kong      鄭重慶 鄧景濱 Master
2017 香港選舉議席空間分析 :以 2016 年香港立法會地區直選為例      袁迪敏 陳建新 Master
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Records 1 - 13 of 13