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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2015 BRICS cooperation mechanism and its impacts on global economic governance      Yao, Ning Chen Ding Ding Master
2015 EU sanctions : how effective is it? ;Guo Jingxi.      Guo, Jing Xi Wang Jianwei Master
1999 Positioning tourism in Macau : an exploratory study      Vong, Lai Kuan Master
2015 Research on the role of Chinese civil organizations in PRC's diplomacy      Dong, Jia Wen Wang Jianwei Master
2017 透過 PISA2012 分析澳門與新加坡學生數學失敗歸因與數學素養表現相關性之比較研究      陳少陽 張國祥 Master
2012 透過分析 PISA2006 科學素養調查數據探究澳門基礎教育的教育公平問題      陳敬濂 張國祥 Ph.D.
2017 透明質酸包裹的pH敏感聚合物納米粒共載蒽貝素與TRAIL質粒用於乳腺癌治療的研究      許穎琦 陳美婉 Master
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Records 1 - 7 of 7