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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2013 Analyzing and summarizing user contributions in Wikis      Fong, Kin Fong BiukAghai Robert P. Master
2010 Becoming an early partial English immersion teacher in Chinese context : a case study in Macao      Qin, Yuan 楊秀玲 Master
2012 Cold jokes and Weibo : exploring in changing trend in social media      Kong, Zi Fei 吳玫 Master
2012 Constructing a model for meaning-dimension interpreting quality assessment : from SFL perspective      Ouyang, Qian Hua 張美芳 Ph.D.
2013 Design of task queue and scheduling models for web based machine translation system      Fong, Pui Chi Wong Fai Master
2012 Dual boundary element analysis of fatigue crack growth in two-dimensional linear elastic fracture problem      Li, Jian Tao Kou Kun Pang Master
2011 Effect of corrosion inhibitor and laser surface treatment on corrosion behavior of steel used in chilling system      Leong, Hoi San Kwok Chi Tat Master
2005 Enmity and hegemony in the normative processes of international constitutionalism : the case of the international legal action against terrorism      Cunha, Ricardo Sousa da Master
2010 Environmental management of Macau construction and demolition (C&D) waste      Gong, Jie Lu Ao Ieong Tai Man Master
2012 Flying over the vultures' nest : a comparative analysis of legal tools to tame private investors in distressed sovereign debt market      Fino, Marialaura Mancuso Salvatore Master
2013 Framing Google withdrawal from China issue : a comparative study of newspaper coverage in Chinese and Hong Kong newspapers      Zhao, Shi Jin Chen Huai Lin Master
2010 General purpose bioelectric signals acquisition platform combining FPGA and FPAA = 結合FPGA及FPAA的通用生物電信號採集平台      Mou, Pedro Antonio Vai Mang I Master
2010 Impact of preschool language abilities and literacy activities inside school on later reading achievement : evidence from PIRLS with Hong Kong sample      Li, Xiao Min Lin Sieh Hwa Master
2011 Integration of knowledge management and enterprise resource planning for advanced production management      Luo, Jia Le Wong Seng Fat Master
2013 Is love colorblind? : a communication study of romantic relationships between westerners and Chinese living in Macau      Li, Qi Qi Sanel Todd Lyle Master
2009 Macao temple poems      Seak, Hoi Hung Kelen Christopher Master
2005 Meeting the challenge of EU enlargement : approximation of Environmental legislation      Bao, Yong Liang Master
2010 Norm inequalities for a matrix product analogous to the commutator      Lok, Io Kei Cheng Che Man Master
2012 Numerical investigation of nonisothermal reversed stagnation-point flow      Chio, Chon Kit Sin Vai Kuong Master
2012 Parole decision making in Macao : a quantitative analysis of prison recommendations      Lopes Malvas, Carlos Manuel Liu Jianhong Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 124