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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2008 Inventory management study of a manufacturing company in China      Shen, Hong Lian Zhao Tong Master
2014 Study on the undergraduates' lifestyle and hedonic shopping motivation of sports products in Macau Zhan, Yun Xia.      Zhan, Yun Xia Chan Ping Cheung Master
2015 行為改變技術用於國內小學四年班課堂管理策略之行動研究 :以珠海Q小學四年級2班為例      張曉丹 林建榮 Master
2005 行為改變術之代幣制對改善中一學生課堂秩序成效之研究      龔佩玲 張春莉 Master
2016 行政補償的概念重構及類型研究 =Analysis on the re-construed concept of administrative compensation and its taxonomy      宗冬 翟小波 Master
2018 行政撤銷問題研究 :從義務與自由裁量之爭出發 = Research on the annulment of administrative acts : starting from the dispute between obligation and discretion      鄒海若 蔣朝陽 Master
2018 行政倫理規範建構研究 =Study on the construction of administration ethics norms and regulations      齊思明 蔣朝陽 Master
2012 澳門教師參與學校行政決策與工作滿意度之關係      張鼎宏 吳梅君 Master
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Records 1 - 8 of 8