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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2015 Acoustic output pressure enhancement for CMUTs using Helmholtz resonance principle      Cao, Xue Wen Pun Sio Hang Master
2004 Exploration of SPE practice situation and SPE information requirements of individual investors : case in China      Mao, Ni Ni Chai Lai Ping Master
2012 Investor sentiment and China's A-share stock market returns      Zhao, Yi Wei Qian Xiao Lin Master
2010 exploratory study of the labour market, skills, knowledge needs and education of Macau's MICE industry      Lin, Run Qin Wan Yim King Master
2006 functional approach to motivation on non-governmental organizations in Macau      Choi, Mio Kuan Kong Siew Huat Master
2018 粵港澳大灣區異地就醫管理的研究 :以歐盟機制為例      何芷君 陳建新 Master
2016 粵語兒童看圖敘事能力分析 :以澳門某一所幼稚園 K2 兒童為例      彭煒欣 陳勤勤 Master
2004 粵語流行曲詞研究 = The study of lyric of Cantonese popular song      勞婉莎 施議對 Master
2008 粵字優化研究      林詩敏 鄧景濱 Master
2018 粵澳兩地公司高管賄賂犯罪的比較 =Comparative legal analysis of bribery at company's senior management level : Macao's and Guangdong province's persperctives      龍幗英 邱庭彪 Master
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Records 1 - 10 of 10