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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2014 Error rate of a time-delay system and optimal proportional reinsurance and investment problem with compound poisson risk model under partial information      Liang, Qi Zhu Xiong Jie Master
2012 Herding and momentum in U.S. housing market      Yang, Rong Zhu Lai Neng Master
2010 Hybrid segmentation on slant & skewed deformation text in natural scene images      Fei, Xiao Lei Dong Ming Chui Master
2012 Integrated river basin management : looking into the experiences of EU and China      Wu, Xia Castro Paulo Canelas de Master
2015 社區藥劑師關於 OTC 西藥和中藥藥學服務的觀點 :一項對中國哈爾濱市的調查      宋夢環 王一濤 Master
2015 社區藥師對傳統藥物產品的態度, 知識和藥學實踐 :對廣州的問卷調查      陳皙 胡豪 Master
2017 社會比較在迴避型依戀和親密度之間的調節作用      張珂珮 陳薇文 Master
2015 社會紐帶理論視野下的在學青少年越軌行為研究 :以中國內地某市的量化研究為例      Lin, Jian Li De Ph.D.
2011 在澳外國人漢語能力及態度調查研究      吳詩雅 邵朝陽 Master
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Records 1 - 9 of 9