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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2006 Girsanov's Theorems and the Novikov's Conditions      Sam, Heng Long Ding Deng Master
2017 文本變異與倫理秩序 : "灰闌記" 的主題學研究 =Text variation and ethical order : a theme study of The Circle of Chalk      李星星 鄧駿捷 Master
2016 文化價值觀在政策制訂中的影響 :以澳門社會保障政策為例的研究      梁啟賢 劉伯龍 Ph.D.
2012 文學與氣候之關係研究 : 論氣候對中國文學家的生命意識之影響      曾大興 朱壽桐 Ph.D.
2017 "文心雕龍. 風骨" 風詩思想研究 :以孔子詩教思想為核心 = A study on Feng poems thought in "Wind" and "Bone" of The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons : with Kong Zi's poetic teaching thought as the core      王獻玥 鄧國光 Master
2015 文字的 "隱" 與畫面的 "現" :"色戒"小說和電影的交叉對比 = "Undermeaning" between the lines and "Manifestation" on the screen : cross-comparison between the novel and the movie of "Lust, Caution"      葉文韻 朱壽桐 Master
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Records 1 - 6 of 6