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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2008 2-甲氧基-6-乙醯基-7-甲基胡桃醌對H2O2誘導的PC12細胞損傷的保護作用研究      張煥 張慶文 Master
2010 Biopotential readout front-end circuits using frequency-translation filtering techniques      Ma, Chon Teng Mak Puiin Master
2012 Body image dissatisfaction, postpartum depression and marital satisfaction of mothers after childbirth in Macau      Wong, Wai Kei Chang Kay Master
2011 "Bosman Ruling" and the regulation of football in the People's Republic of China      Li, Hong Neuwirth Rostam J. Master
2011 Financial time series analysis      Yin, Jiang Ling Si Yain Whar Master
2010 Hardware accelerated Nios II implementation of Hilbert Huang Transform = 基於Nios II 軟核處理器的希爾伯特黃變換硬體加速實現      Wang, Lei Vai Mang I Master
2015 Power, interest, value and state's non-compliance with international regimes      Xu, Yi Hua Song Wei Qing Master
2008 Reputation distribution and consumer-to-consumer online auction market structure : a study in      Zhang, Ling Yan Lee Chang Boon Master
2012 Unity in diversity : the Bologna Process, new governance in European higher education?      Liang, Yan Long Meyer Thomas Master
2015 alternate method of error performance estimation for galvanic-type intra-body communication using statistical jitter analysis = 一種利用統計抖動分析估算電流型人體通信誤差特性的替代方法      Li, Jia Wen Mak Peng Un Master
2011 comparative study of conjunctive cohesion in bilingual legal documents : a corpus-based study of three Hong Kong listed prospectuses and the Hong Kong companies ordinance      Pan, Han Ting 張美芳 Master
2012 risk-isolating paradox in China's asset securitization      Zhang, Ke Zheng Neuwirth Rostam J. Master
2014 ultra-low power acquisition frontend for neural recording      Wu, Jiang Chao, Law Man Kay Master
2015 奧運會賽後公共設施使用研究 : 以國家體育場為例      蔣思南 蕭楊輝 Master
2015 從 "街頭官僚理" 分析公共政策執行 :以珠海橫琴新區為例 = Using street bureaucratic theory to analyze implementation of police policy : a study with Zhuhai Hengqin's new district as example      張傑 劉伯龍 Master
2016 從 "聊齋誌異" 中鬼的形象看蒲松齡的愛情哲學 =A study of Pu Songling's philosophy of love from the perspective of the imagery of ghosts in Liao Zhai Zhi Yi      陳家杰 鄧駿捷 Master
2016 從變革管理的角度看澳門大學的通識教育      梁穎冬 黃炳文 Master
2017 從傳播學的視角探討澳門大學榮譽學院政策的推行      丘宇聰 黃素君 Master
2017 從電影作品看澳門內容創作的發展方向 =Content creation development from Macau film products      鄒琪 邢榮發 Master
2016 從公共政策制定過程比較澳門與新加坡的預防問題賭博政策      Ng, Li Na 吳德榮 Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 45