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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2013 Derived kernel based method and its applications      Zhang, Zhen Chao Tang Yuan Yan Master
2008 Impact of IT on the business process and organizational structure in libraries : a case analysis of the University of Macau Library      Pun, Nga Ian ToraskarKranti Supervisor Master
2011 Numerical methods for pricing callable bonds      Fu, Qi Ding Deng Master
2008 Numerical simulation of foundations on soil with single reinforcement      Tou, Chon Man Lok Man Hoi Master
2017 影視作品對澳門城市形象的傳播探究 =The study of film and television works on the spreading of Macao city image      吳偉隆 邢榮發 Master
2000 影響學生價值觀的學校文化因素的研究      胡德鎏 蘇肖好 Master
2015 影響外國學生來華大學選校因素 :以西安為例      黃繁 吳梅君 Master
2003 影響澳門中一學生學習英語表現的要素研究      袁振東 楊秀玲 Master
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Records 1 - 8 of 8