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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2008 China under western eyes : Alice Mildred Cable' s depiction of China and her peoples in The Gobi Desert      Lam, Pui Keng Master
2012 Investigation on energy efficiency of electrical power system in Macau Coloane power plant      Chan, Lai Cheong Su Yan Master
2011 application of Box-Jenkins models to the forecast of time series of Mainland China tourists in Macao      Ngan, Wai Seng Ding Deng Master
2013 漢日被動句比較 : 以 "挪威的森林" 為例 = A comparative study of passive sentences between Chinese and Japanese : take Norwegian Wood as an example      陳秀芝 王銘宇 Master
2013 論不當得利的補充性      蘇建峰 唐曉晴 Ph.D.
2017 幼兒家庭教育課程實施成效之研究      陳玲 劉乃華 Master
2017 幼兒入學準備研究 :幼兒早期發展量表 (EDI) 在中國的信效度檢驗及應用      婁嘉佩 胡碧穎 Master
2017 幼兒生命教育實驗課程實施成效之研究      高潔瑩 劉乃華 Master
2017 幼兒園組織氛圍對幼兒教師壓力的影響 :以幼師自我效能感為中介變量的模型分析      李元華 胡碧穎 Master
2003 幼稚園遊戲課觀察研究      黎慧娟 何敬恩 Master
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Records 1 - 10 of 10