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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2007 Chinese audiences & US sitcoms : the case of friends      Xu, Xia Ying Tan See Kam Master
2008 Study on quality control and atheroprotective effect of Panax notoginseng      萬建波 王一濤 Ph.D.
2007 Supplementing Hong Kong textbooks to facilitate students' English learning      O, Ka I Wilhelm Kim Hughes Master
2013 influence of regional trade agreements and other factors on China's trade flows to its primary trade partners : an empirical study based on the gravity model      Tu, Yi Ran Porapakkarm Ponpoje Master
2015 小額貸款公司法律監管問題及其對策研究 =A study on the problems of legal supervision and solutions for small-loan companies      陳德鋒 Mo Shijian Master
2016 小額貸款公司法律監管制度研究 =The research on the supervision system of small loan company      鄭媛媛 稅兵 Master
2000 小學和學前教育教師的工作壓力及其因應方式之調查研究      李思敏 蘇肖好 Master
2016 小學義務教育在編教師績效工資政策研究 :以江蘇省 X 市 P 縣為例      霍傑 蕭楊輝 Master
2002 小學英語課程實施的質性研究 : 專家教師與生手教師的比較      盧立濤 盧立濤 Master
2004 小組遠程輔導 (Group Telementoring) 的組織方式在"Intel 社區教育項目"中的應用研究及成員滿意度研究      鄧明茜 謝建成 Master
2016 小社區, 大歷史 :澳門雀仔園坊的歷史變遷 = Small community, great history : the historical changes of "Bairro da Horta da Mitra" in Macao      甄桂芳 林發欽 Master
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Records 1 - 11 of 11