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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2008 Composition effects on rising residual wage inequality      Ma, Mu Toche Patrick Master
2007 Critical and creative approaches to the detective genre in a South China setting      Chan, Cheng Lei Kelen Christopher Master
2012 Key technologies of quality evaluation on Puerariae radix      Du, Gang 王一濤 Ph.D.
2011 REALSpace AKE : an appreciative knowledge environment architected through soft systems methodology and scenario-based design      Vat, Kam Hou Ph.D.
2007 Ritual and the sacred in Peter Shaffer's theatre : a study of The Royal Hunt of the Sun, Equus and The Gift of the Gorgon      Lao, Oliveros Timmermans Glenn Henry Master
2005 多媒體支持下的活動教學對數學資優學生的數學學習影響的行動研究      陸榮輝 黃榮金 Master
2018 多元文化背景下澳門居民的語言選擇及語碼轉換研究 =Macau residents' language choice and code-switching : a multicultural perspective      鍾佳利 徐大明 Master
2003 多元智能評量與課程實驗研究      方燕芬 張國祥 Master
2005 多元智能在職業技術課程的適性發展      羅愛容 張國祥 Master
2012 海宴話語音研究 = A phonological study on Haiyan dialect      李雁秀 侍建國 Master
2011 醫藥上市企業實施企業資源計劃 (ERP) 的實證研究      晁芳 王一濤 Master
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Records 1 - 11 of 11