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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2007 "Advertorials" : a genre-based analysis of an emerging hybridized genre      Zhou, Si Jing Moody Andrew Jackson Master
2013 Comparative research on the doctrine of disregarding the corporate personality      Chen, Wen Xin Garcia Augusto Teixeira Master
2012 Effects of mood induction on reasoning      Chong, Florenca Davis J. Mark Master
2011 Efficient query evaluation using hybrid index organization      Zhou, Ying Jie Gong Zhi Guo Master
2007 Long-term performance of IPOs in China      Lin, Shi Hua Tam Hon Keung Master
2008 Macao poetry today : a study of contemporary writing across cultures      Vong, Lai Ieng Kelen Christopher Master
2008 hybrid model of tree classifier and neural network for university admission recommender system      Lou, Wan Chan Fong Chi Chiu Master
2016 在比較法基礎上 :探討中國集團訴訟制度原告資格問題 = The plaintiff qualification of class action in Chinese litigation : on the basis of comparative law      黃競天 王薇 Master
2004 在教育生命的長河中 : 兩位小學教師的專業成長歷程的探究      郭維緣 黃素君 Master
2003 在職培訓對澳門學校領導人員專業成長的影響      李明基 吳梅君 Master
2003 在以學生為中心的學習環境中設計、實施及評估電腦化遥距學習課程      余巍 范進偉 Master
2004 在澳門初中推行中文傳意寫作的探索性研究      蕭美歡 梁成安 Master
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Records 1 - 12 of 12