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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2008 Chemical studies on two traditional Chinese medicines-Eclipta prostrata and Corydalis yanhusuo      Shi, Jun Min 陳錫僑 Master
2010 Comparison of different correlating methods for the single-phase heat transfer data in laminar and turbulent flow regions      Lei, Chan Un Tam Lap Mou Master
2014 Efficient estimation of co-volatility using noisy high-frequency data under presence of asynchronicity and jumps      She, Zi Hang Liu Zhi Master
2013 Flexisecurity in the employment policy of the European Union      An, Bai Yan Meyer Thomas Master
2011 From language of a HCC to a LCC : a study of Chinese-Eenglish translation of MAM articles      Cheong, Sin Wan Venkatesan Hari Master
2014 How Asian economies respond to financial crisis : a cross-section analysis      Li, Meng Cheng Ho Wai Hong Master
2008 Multiple-bandgap defected ground structure and its applications to highly selective microwave bandpass filters      Ting, Sio Weng Tam Kam Weng Ph.D.
2006 Words loaned from Portuguese to Cantonese in Macao      Sun, Seak Leong Park SungYul Master
2015 novel framework for wind turbine fault diagnosis and remaining useful life prediction      Liang, Jie Jun Yi Yang Zhi Xin Master
2012 不能夠終止的超越 : 論張煒小說創作中的救贖主題 = The infinite surpassing : a study on the theme of salvation in Zhang Wei's novels      王銳敏 朱壽桐 Master
2010 多媒體教學情景對學生認知負荷量、學習表現影響之研究      陳藝康 張立明 Master
2014 高速與均速間歇訓練介入對青少年業餘跳繩運動員身體機能的影響      練慧填 孔兆偉 Master
2018 國際貨物買賣中關於風險轉移的研究 =Study on the transfer of risks in the international good trade      何亦樓 范劍虹 Master
2017 國際間接徵收和環境管制措施的界定及其衝突的解決 =Definitions of international indirect expropriation and environmental regulations and the resolution of the conflict      梁楊清 范劍虹 Master
2004 國際藥物警戒現狀與中國藥品不良反應監管發展      顧俊 王一濤 Master
2003 國企產權轉變與中央和地方政府的相互關係研究      林微笑 楊允中 Master
2017 國統區左翼文人的 "人民文藝"想象      戎琦 楊義 Ph.D.
2017 國有土地上房屋徵收補償實質公平研究 =State-owned land on the housing levy compensation essence fair research      白波 蔣朝陽 Master
2015 中國慈善事業公信力研究 : 以中國紅十字會為例      范巧敏 何秋祥 Master
2010 中國製藥產業戰略集團的動態研究      黃振華 胡豪 Master
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Records 1 - 20 of 21