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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2006 investigation of materialism in contemporary Chinese society      Zhao, Zun Yan Mac Vai Iun Master
2008 investigation on subband technique in active noise control system = 自適應雜訊控制系統中的分層技術研究      Liu, Chuan Vai Mang I Master
2013 創設合作學習活動形塑幼兒品德行為之行動研究 = Shaping children's moral behavior by cooperative learning skills      楊嘉莉 劉乃華 Master
2006 創造思考策略融入中國語文科教學對學生創造力之影響 = The effects of inclusion of creative thinking strategy in the teaching of Chinese lessons on student creativity      簡穗川 盧林發 Master
2015 創作性戲劇教學結合歷史教學之行動研究 :從澳門歷史城區出發      傅艷芬 宋明娟 Master
2010 大學宿舍社會氣氛知覺與學生學習成就之關係研究 : 以澳門某大學為例      林逸姿 田秀蘭 Master
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Records 1 - 6 of 6