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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2011 Design, modeling and control of a compliant parallel XY micro-motion stage with complete decoupling property      Huang, Ji Ming Li Yang Min Master
2014 Political economy of EU anti-dumping investigation : taking China as a case      Zhang, Xin Wang Jianwei Master
2014 R&D technologies of multi vital signs compression in versatile distributed e-home healthcare      Ma, Jia Li, Dong Ming Chui Master
2012 discursive struggle of "river crab" in Macau      Chan, Wun Lei Liu Shih Diing Master
2014 kind of frequency distribution in higher dimensional spaces      Huang, Xuan Guan Qian Tao Master
2010 optimum outrigger locations in outrigger-braced structures with new governing equations and complex objectives      Wang, Xing Hua Er Guo Kang Master
2010 多元文化課程設計與實施之行動研究 = An action research of curriculum design and implementation on multicultural education      何燕燕 宋明娟 Master
2016 公共服務民營化政策研究 :以廣東省珠海市為例      周慧娜 鄺錦鈞 Master
2014 公共危機管理中中國政府與電視媒體的互動關係研究 =The Chinese government and TV media interactions and their relationships in public crisis management      韓希 何秋祥 Master
2017 公共政策決策模式評估研究 :以北京霧霾為例      寇宇 劉伯龍 Master
2018 公立醫院績效評估二次分配模式研究 :以山西省 W 醫院影像科室為例      牛鐵錚 吳德榮 Master
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Records 1 - 11 of 11