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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2008 Dynamic simulation of construction waste in Macao      Chan, Wai Kin 王志石 Master
2012 Land finance and housing price in China : evidence from thirty-five cities      Ji, Hong Ye Huang Bi Hong Master
2014 Language choice in writing Facebook statuses as a factor to the choice of the style of emoticons      Ngai, Hio Teng Moody Andrew Jackson Master
2011 impact of the financial crisis on the Chinese economy : a case of the manufacturing sector      Lai, Chi Hou So Man Shing Master
2005 study of contemporary issues of conflict between trade liberalization and protection of the environment with a specific reference to the position of developing and least developed contries      Wu, Jun Ye Ramaswamy Muruga Perumal Master
2005 三曹賦的老莊思想 = Assessment of Lao Zhuang's thinking from the poetry of the three Cao's      馮景山 鄧國光 Master
2016 三個澳門新移民家庭對於幼兒家庭生活與學校學習需求之研究      陳莉娜 劉乃華 Master
2006 三角函數電腦輔助教學課程設計及其對高中學生學習成效之影響      何沛佳 張立明 Master
2015 三七皂苷, 小檗堿, 及喜樹堿誘導 PC12 細胞毒物興奮效應和神經保護      陳聖慧 何承偉 Master
2016 三位教師離職原因之研究      賴文輝 黃素君 Master
2013 以訓詁語用法破解杜詩疑義 = Using exegesis pragmatics to solve the doubtful points of Du Fu's poertry      汪欣欣 鄧景濱 Master
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Records 1 - 11 of 11