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Records 161 - 180 of 5461

Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2012 Application of Bayesian model class selection on differential problems in geotechnical engineering      Zhang, Li Zhi Yuen Ka Veng Master
2013 Application of Bayesian probabilistic approach on ground motion attenuation relations      Xu, Rong Rong Yuen Ka Veng Master
2011 application of Box-Jenkins models to the forecast of time series of Mainland China tourists in Macao      Ngan, Wai Seng Ding Deng Master
2017 Application of competition law to the shipping industry in China      Lou, Jin Na Svetlicinii, Alexandr Master
2009 application of control chart for technical trading in financial market      Jiang, Jin Xi Yeung Hang Fai Master
2018 Application of cucurbit[7]uril as an artificial receptor for seizure-inducing agents and anti-bacterial compounds      Kuok, Kit Ieng Wang, Rui Bing Master
2005 Application of digital watermarking technology in Java programs      Chao, Hoi Ka Pun Chi Man Master
2014 Application of electric motorcycles in Macau      Cheong, Tat Hong 程子活 Master
2009 application of elementary stiffness matrix decomposition method in stochastic plane stress problems      Wang, Ming Chang Er Guo Kang Master
2015 Application of GC-MS in quality control of traditional Chinese medicines      Lv, Guang Ping, 李紹平 Ph.D.
2006 Application of linear programming in Sudoku      Leong, Fu Fai Leong Ieng Tak Master
2018 The application of non-market economy concept in the WTO regime :the case of China      Guo, Xin Yan Svetlicinii, Alexandr Master
2018 The application of restorative justice on the 'battered woman syndrome' cases      Yu, Zhu Yun Liu, Jianhong Master
2003 Application of statistical approach to public survey for environmental issues      Fong, Chi Fong 王志石 Master
2017 Application of support and relevance vector machines with genetic algorithm and accelerated particle swarm optimization for algal bloom modeling and forecasting in Macau      Wang, Yan Jie Mok, Kai Meng Master
2012 application of the theory of planned behavior in help-seeking intention in Macao      Mak, Hio Wa Davis J. Mark Master
2012 Applications of adaptive Fourier decomposition to financial data      Shi, Rong Qian Tao Master
2009 applications of Fourier analysis to European option pricing      U, Sio Chong Ding Deng Master
2017 Applications of hardy-hodge decomposition on the decomposition of magnetization      Liu, Jue Jue Qian, Tao Master
2015 Applied human factors engineering in the posture analysis on mass transport system      Chen, Qi Li Wong Seng Fat Master
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Records 161 - 180 of 5461