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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
As fontes do direito em Macau      Katchi, António Francisco, Canotilho José Joaquim Gomes Master
2016 As perspectivas de leitura trabalhadas em diferentes tipos de manuais didaticos      Yang, Chen Silva Ricardo Moutinho Rodrigues da Master
2013 As relacoes economicas e comerciais entre a China e os paises Africanos de lingua oficial Portuguesa : alguns aspectos juridicos e economicos = Economic and trade relations between China and African Portuguese-speaking countries : some legal and economic aspects      Machava, Almeida Zacarias Porto Manuel Ph.D.
2007 As relacoes entre a Constituicao da Republica Popular da China, a Lei Basica da Regiao Administrativa Especial de Macau e a Lei de Producao Legislativa      Lam, Weng Tong Master
2007 As relacoes entre a Constituicao da Republica Popular da China e a Lei Basica da Regiao Administrativa Especial de Macau      Lam, Chai Teng Andrade Jose Carlos Vieira de Master
2015 ASEAN's non-interference norm :evolving interpretations and challenges for regional integration      Wei, Hang Chow Jonathan TseungHao Master
2015 Asian American literature and the exploratory self in the early poems of Li-Young Lee      Yu, Li Hong Appler Gilbert Keith Master
2000 Aspectos lexicais na obra de autores Macaenses      Gaiao, Raul Leal Master
2006 aspectualidade na traducao das frases do Chines para o Portugues      Leong, Cheok I Casteleiro Joao Malaca Ph.D.
2011 Assessing online translation systems using the BLEU score : Google Language Tools & SYSTRANBox      Law, Mei In Venkatesan Hari Master
1998 Assessing the external environment of the property development industry in Macau      Sio, Chi Veng Master
2008 Assessing the mediating mechanism of relationship quality in customer relationship management of mobile network service in Macau      Wong, Sam I Mac Vai Iun Master
2010 Assessing the shopping experience and satisfaction among the free individual travellers from Mainland China in Macao      Chu, Yen Ning Wan Yim King Master
2011 Assessing the strategic partnership between China and the European Union (2003-2010)      Ou, Wei Qiang Telo Mario Master
2012 assessment of E-waste management in Macau with LCA method and emergy analysis      Song, Qing Bin 王志石 Ph.D.
2003 assessment of images of Macao as a tourist destination      Lei, Ngan Lin Nasol Ramon Lino Master
1998 assessment of liquidity of the housing market in Macao      Si Tou, Sio Tan Trigueiros Duarte Master
2000 assessment of overseas Filipino workers in Macau      Vong, Mio Ngo Master
2017 Assessment of roundabout in urban road network :a case study of Macau      Fong, Pui San Kou, Kun Pang Master
2006 Assessment of urban combined sewer overflow system in Macao peninsula      Kuok, Chi Cheong 王石安 Master
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Records 161 - 180 of 4138