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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2017 Two faces of ICJ :a legal reflection of the equidistance method in maritime delimitation      Gao, Han Mo, Shijian Master
2018 Two-dimensional exact analysis of functionally graded piezoelectric cantilevers under electric and mechanical loadings      Gao, Xiong Iu, Vai Pan Master
2015 Two-dimensional free vibration analysis of cracked FGM beams by Ritz method      Liu, Bo Yan Master
2015 Two-factor model and justice sensitivity :an investigation among Macao employees      Wong, Sau Chun Loi Chi Ho Master
2014 Validity of arbitration agreement under the context of New York convention : a critical examination of China's practice      Yin, Qing Si 涂廣建 Master
2009 enviromental principles of the European Union      Liang, Zheng Yun Castro Paulo Canelas de Master
2013 hybrid model of SARIMand ANFIS for Macau Air Pollution Index forecasting      Lei, Kin Seng Wan Feng Master
2012 investigation of the translation of hotel advertisements from the perspective of readers      Mak, Kuan Ieong Wang Xian Master
2012 investigation on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance of real estate enterprises in China      Xu, Yuan Shu Lian Jie Master
1999 online domain-based Portuguese-Chinese machine translation system      Wu, Fei Master
2009 reform of the European Court of Justice      Leong, Chak Chong Castro Paulo Canelas de Master
2011 study of Korean gambling behavior in Macau      Lee, Su Chul Yuen Chun Yip Master
2013 taxation system in Macau :perspectives from the accounting professionals      Lo, Wai Kin Master
2016 test of social bond theory among Chinese drug users      Cui, Shan Master
2014 theoretical analysis on the COS method for valuation of delta hedge      Xie, Jun Xia Ding Deng Master
2016 third order adaptive ADER scheme for conservation laws      Gu, Ya Guang Hu Guang Hui Master
2016 transformation of earth god festivals in Macao      Chao, Ka Hou 朱天舒 Master
2016 treatment of state-owned enterprises under China's anti-monopoly and foreign competition laws :problems and prospects for China's economy      Xie, Mei Ting Svetlicinii, Alexandr Master
2004 發展電子政務、創政府行政新貌 : 中國發展電子政務的構想      田華 林明基 Master
2007 不同教育安置下聽障中學生的自尊感與人際關係之研究      高慧嫻 施達明 Master
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Records 101 - 120 of 147