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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2013 Analysis of radiation form wireless communication systems using parallel electromagnetic simulation      Chio, Chan Keong Ting Sio Weng Master
2017 The analysis of reasons of why Germany and Russian perceptions of China are different      Liu, Xiao Lin, Zhimin Master
2008 Analysis of recent Chinese gambling movies and its business implactions      Un, Oi Neng Lam Chee Shiong Master
2015 analysis of representations of Macau identity in Macau Government Tourist Office audio visual texts from 1998 to 2013      Choi, I Cheng Schirato Tony Master
2016 An analysis of the common security and defence policy :taking the CONCORDIA and EULEX as examples      Li, Li Wang Jianwei Master
2016 analysis of the culture contents in senior high English textbooks used in Mainland China      Li, Yi Pei 王燕 Master
1994 analysis of the marketing problems encountered by selected service business firms in Macau      Sousa, Cristina Maria Gloria Master
2005 analysis of the necessity of implying regulations on weight losing products in Macao SAR      Tse, Ka Pou 卞鷹 Master
2008 Analysis of urban heat island effect of Macao by ARPS simulation      Jing, Cheng Tao 王志石 Master
2007 Analysis of variance and its applications in Macao educational researches      Chan, Iok Ip, Ding Deng Master
2010 Analysis of volatile components in Cinnamomum cassia using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and the effect of sample preparation      Lv, Guang Ping, 李紹平 Master
2014 Analysis of welfare state reform in Sweden : why Sweden could reduce its public expenditure?      Li, Ying Hao Yufan Master
2006 Analysis on GMRES convergence and some results on spectral properties of preconditioned matrices      Wei, Wang Jin Xiao Qing Master
2017 An analysis on possibility of security cooperation between China and ASEAN      Xiong, Yue Wang, Jianwei Master
2012 Analysis on the efficiency of China's banking industry and the influencing factors      Wang, Yu Fei Chen Yu Master
2011 Analysis on the integration of EU consumer credit markets : a co-integration analysis      Tan, Zu Jia Altomonte Carlo Master
2014 Analytical and numerical study on one-dimensional consolidation of unsaturated soils      Zhao, Lin Shuang Zhou Wan Huan Master
1998 Analytical investigation and the design of the compressive strength of steel gusset plate connections      Sheng, Ni Yam Chi Ho Master
2007 Analytical investigation of block shear of coped beams with welded clip angles connection      Guo, Dong Iu Vai Pan Master
2009 Analytical solutions for residual stresses in cold-formed steel circular hollow sections due to cold rolling      Cai, Chao Quach Wai Meng Master
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Records 101 - 120 of 5461