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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2017 Translanguaging in Chinese printed discourse :article headlines in CBNweekly      Lin, Yue Yi, Rose Chan, Hok Shing, Brian Master
2018 Translating animal verbs from English to Chinese :a corpus-assisted study      Choi, Chi Ha Wang, Xian Master
2018 Translating conceptual metaphors in political discourse :a case study of Obama's speeches      Meng, Si Chen 張美芳 Master
2012 Translating culture-specific words : a comparative study of two English versions of San Guo Yan Yi      Cheong, Chi Hang Lei Lai Cheng Master
2015 Translating drama for stage performance :a comparative case study of two Chinese versions of William Shakespeare's King Lear      Iong, Weng Hou Li Jian Master
2015 Translating for specific readers :a case study of translation of company announcements      Wong, Hio Man 張美芳 Master
2015 Translating idiomatic expressions in legal texts :a case study of translations of court judgments in Hong Kong      Chio, Sai Peng 張美芳 Master
2018 Translating rhetorical devices :a case study of translation of advertising slogans      Sin, Hoi Lam, Carolina 張美芳 Master
2017 Translating the lead in new media :a case study of news mobile app "BilinGO"      Tang, Le Wen, Eleven Wang, Xian Master
2018 Translation accuracy comparison between machine translation and context-free machine natural language grammar–based translation      Wang, Long Qi Guo, Jing Zhi Master
2017 Translation hypotheses re-ranking for statistical machine translation      Liu, Yan Vong, Chi Man Master
2017 Translation of proper names in English sports news :a contrastive study between translations from the mainland of China and Hong Kong      Lo, Heng Wai Venkatesan, Hari Master
2015 Translation of sarcasm :a case of In Her Shoes      Tam, Wai Lan Wang Xian Master
2017 Translation project :The Ravages of Time      Leong, Man Kuai, Louis Venkatesan, Hari Master
2017 Translation project on The Memory of Light      Tian, Jing Jing, Tina Wang, Xian Master
2017 Translation project on What's Math Got to Do with It?      Ng, Choi Sin Wang, Xian Master
2018 Translation project :translation of excerpts of the Official Gazette of the Macao Special Administrative Region      Kuong, Mei Ian, Sandy Venkatesan, Hari Master
2016 Transnational patent infringement litigation :jurisdiction and applicable law      Li, Ao 涂廣建 Master
2016 Transport mechanism of coumarin 6 nanocrystals and complex with Cucurbit[7]uril in MDCKII cell monolayer and larval zebrafish      Miao, Xiao Qing Zheng Ying Ph.D.
2018 Trend following with contrarian strategy for trading in stock markets      Zhao, Mei Si, Yain Whar Master
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Records 81 - 100 of 147