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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2005 Topic-based segmentation of web pages      Li, Yong Gong Zhi Guo Master
2006 Tourist platform based on GSM location system      Han, Bao Min Chen Wei Ji Master
1998 Toward a drug free society : social marketing as a tool in drug prevention efforts in Macau      Cheang, Sin Wai Master
2017 Towards a comparative virtue epistemology :a study of phronesis (prudence) and cheng (integrity)      Eh, Kim Chew Wenning, Mario Ph.D.
2017 Towards a politics of ourselves :Chinese internet celebrity's practices of self-governance      Lin, Zhong Xuan Liu, Shih Diing Ph.D.
1999 Trade and investment under imperfect competition      Lu, Yan Song Master
2016 Trade liberalization and emerging non-trade concerns :the case of animal walfare      Dai, Wei 魏丹 Master
2005 Trading simulations on stock market by backpropagation learning of artificial neural networks and traditional linear regression      U, San Cho Tam Sik Chung Master
2017 Traditional magazine in the age of media convergence :the case of Sanlian Life Week Magazine      Yang, Kai Wen Li, Xiao Qin Master
2015 Traducao automatica Chines-Portugues baseada na Gramatica Sincronica de Restricao :uma analise da locucao localizadora temporal      Lu, Chun Hui Leal Ana Luisa Varani Master
2015 Traducao das alusoes e lacunas culturais :uma analise sobre O Pavilhao do Ocidente em Portugues      Yang, Xiao Meng 姚京明 Master
2017 Traduzir o impossível :poemas de Li Shangyin reimaginados por Haroldo de Campos      Chu, Yi Ge 姚京明 Master
2017 Tradução automática Chinês-Português :uma análise contrastiva de estruturas nominalizadas com a partícula 的 de      Zhu, Wen Jun Leal, Ana Luísa Varani Master
2017 Tradução e legendagem do filme Lanterna de Lótus :uma abordagem cultural      Zhang, Yu Jia Gago, Dora Nunes Master
2015 Transborder data flows and Macau SAR data protection framework      Goncalves, Catarina Guerra Verhoeven Sten Master
2016 Transcriptome analysis of Zoanthids Palythoa and Photopalythoa :novel transcripts encoding toxin-like polypeptides and massive long noncoding RNAs      Huang, Chen Lee, Ming-Yuen Ph.D.
2017 "Transferência" ou "Retorno" :uma avaliação das traduções de 回歸 Huíguī na perspectiva da teoria de skopos      Cheong, Mio Keng Martins, Custodio Cavaco Master
1999 Transient and small signal analysis of PWM converters using average switch model      Chan, Weng Wa To ChingNai Master
2000 Transition of source code from C to Java using YACC      Mak, Un Pong Li Yi Ping Master
2004 Transition to TQM in a partially ISO 9000 certified service organization in Macau      Ao, Mei Seong Noronha Carlos Master
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Records 61 - 80 of 147