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Issue Date Title Author Supervisor Degree
2013 amelioration of online dispute resolution for business-to-consumer electronic commerce : from a consumer protection perspective      Tian, Ze Hua 魏丹 Master
2017 An amentoflavone derivative induces apoptosis and interferes with cell proliferation in melanoma by inhibition of the JAK2STAT3 signaling pathway      Huang, Jie Min Leung, Chung-Hang Master
2013 American option on a principle guaranteed fund      Sun, Ying Shu Lo Chia Chun Master
2012 American overseas community in nineteenth-century Macao      Connolly, Patrick Crosbie Barry Master
2006 Amy Tan's The Kitchen God's Wife : awakened women and silenced men      Wang, Kai Lei Lai Cheng Master
1999 Analise contrastiva portugues-chines com base nos adverbiais de lugar, tempo e modo      俞翔 Vilela Mario Master
2015 Analise da abordagem para o ensino de leitura em um manual didatico de PLE      Yu, Cong Silva Ricardo Moutinho Rodrigues da Master
2015 Analise da traducao do capitulo 1 de O Mercador da Galaxia segundo aspectos teorico-praticos de traducao, PortuguesChines      Zhou, Fu 姚京明 Master
2000 Analise de erros dos aprendentes chineses : uma abordagem contrastiva      Rocha, Anabela Ribeiro Osorio da Master
2006 Analysis and design of an integrated library searching system      Lai, Chi Wa Li Xiao Shan Master
2017 Analysis and design of microstrip-to-microstrip vertical transitions for applications in multilayered bandpass filters      Yang, Li Tam, Kam Weng Ph.D.
2015 Analysis and design of power-efficient voltage-controlled oscillators for wireless applications in nanoscale CMOS      Amin, Md. Tawfiq Martins Rui Paulo Ph.D.
2006 Analysis and evaluation of soft-switching techniques for 3-phase 4-wire shunt power quality compensators      Zhan, Ming Hui Wong Man Chung Master
2015 The analysis and optimal design of compliant mechanisms      Xu, Jia Li Yang Min Master
2000 Analysis and strategic advice for the operation of multinational enterprises in mainland China market      Wang, Wei Cheng Tamames Ramon Master
2017 Analysis, design and implementation of hybrid railway power conditioners (HRPC) based on modular multilevel converter (MMC)      Liu, Li Dai, Ning-Yi Master
2012 Analysis of American protectionism policy towards China : from the perspective of interest group theory      Ou, Yu Ying Chen Ding Ding Master
2015 analysis of bodily capital management and emotional labor performance of Abercrombie & Fitch Model      Xiao, Yu Liu Shih Diing Master
2011 Analysis of Chinese bilateral investment treaties : focusing on provisions of performance requirements and national treatment      Ke, Jie Jing 魏丹 Master
2017 An analysis of Chinese translations of sexual terms in Lady Chatterley's Lover in light of appraisal theory      Sales Crestejo, Ermelinda Fatima Li, Jian Master
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Records 61 - 80 of 5461